The Honest Truth About What Happens After You Free Yourself From An Almost Relationship

The Honest Truth About What Happens After You Free Yourself From An Almost Relationship

When you’re in an almost relationship, you’re in a sense, tied down. You’re committed. You see a future. You don’t want to date anyone else. So you are in a sense bound to that person in your eyes.

You’re not going out on other dates. You’re not trying to meet other people. If you’re like me, and only like to commit to one person, you go into that relationship with intent to commit. The only problem is, you may be the only one. When we find ourselves in almost relationships, someone will always give more.

Someone will be the one putting forth more effort. Someone will be the one hyper-focused on every conversation and text message. Someone will always do more work in an almost relationship.

Almost relationships are binding. They are draining. They are cruel. But they also are a beautiful thing. Because almost relationships can show us not only who we are, but who other people are. What we want. And what we don’t want. What one will tolerate. And what we absolutely won’t tolerate.

Sometimes it’s these relationships that can make things crystal clear to us. That can allow us to move on. To look towards a brighter future.

Because when you let go of an almost relationship, you’re letting go of months of empty dreams and wishes. You’re letting go of plans in your head. You’re letting go of an idealistic version of an individual. When you let go of an almost relationship, you are faced with the truth. Usually that the person wasn’t who you thought they were anyways. They were someone you built up in your own mind. When in reality, that actual person fell flat.

Almost relationships are hard. They hurt us. They can break us. And sometimes it seems so unfair, to get so close to something so good, just to have it be taken away. But I promise, there’s a reason. You may not see it today. You may not see it tomorrow. But one day you will look back, and you will get it.

You will understand why that person had to be a lesson. When you free yourself from an almost relationship, you open your heart again. You allow yourself to feel. You make room for people you can bring into your life, instead of clinging to something that will never be.

Saying goodbye to hopes and dreams is hard. I hope you have the courage to. You may not thank yourself today, but one day you will. I promise.

Chicago born and raised. Stay strong but sweet.

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