Some Dreams Are Meant To Fade Away

Some dreams are meant to fade away. Like the futures we once had. With people who no longer exist in our lives. Sometimes our dreams don’t come with us, because we too, have grown. We outgrow dreams. They fade away with time.

Sometimes we want things so badly, that we lose ourselves in the wanting. We pray, we hope, and we love. But no matter what the heart wants, sometimes these dreams fade away.

Maybe it’s the life we once imagined we would have. Sometimes we must let it go. We become different people than we once were. We lose friendships that we thought we would forever have. We build different dreams for ourselves. We switch careers. We say goodbye to people who don’t help us grow.

It hurts to let the dreams fade away. But it hurts more to hold on to the things that no longer serve us. It’s okay to move on. It’s okay to grow. It’s okay to make peace with your past, and hope for a better future.

Dreams, and people are fleeting. Some are not meant to last forever. Sometimes our dreams help lead us on different paths. Dreams that once meant everything to us, maybe do not matter anymore. Dreams can show us who we are. Even who we were.

Dreams are just that.

They do not define us. And we are not our dreams.

So just like people, and places, our dreams can fade away as well.

Like the balloon you let go when you were five. The first love that broke you. The dream career you kissed goodbye to. The people you didn’t want to leave, but left anyway. Life is a series of beautiful goodbyes, and new hellos. We are more than our dreams.

Some days our dreams fade. No matter how passionate we may have once been about them.

And life still

Goes on.

Chicago born and raised. Stay strong but sweet.

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