Sometimes You Have To Give Yourself The Closure You Need From Them

Sometimes You Have To Give Yourself The Closure You Need From Them

Sometimes you have to create your own closure.

So many times I’ve found myself disappointed by another failed relationship. It’s like the same story that keeps playing itself out. And more times than not, it ends the same way.

With hurt. Confusion. With words that were never said. We don’t really even know if the chapters fully closed. We lack the closure we need to move on.

So when someone refuses to give you that closure, you need to do it for yourself. You say goodbye. You close that chapter. You don’t give someone that opportunity to come crawling back into your life later on.

Because you’re with me or you’re not, and if you don’t have the decency to tell me how you feel, I will move on. I won’t question it. I will leave you alone. And I will give myself the closure you refused to give.

Sometimes you just have to walk away. You have to be the better person. You tell yourself that they weren’t deserving of you. That they were a coward. That they were just another person in your story, one that will not make it to the next segment.

When someone hurts us, we want closure. We want a clean break. We want to know where we went wrong. But most of the time, in today’s modern dating world, we don’t get that. We get ghosted. We get led on. Things fizzle out. We are left wondering where we stand. It’s lonely.

But when someone does this to you, it’s about them, not you. Remember that. Cowardice is commonplace now. It’s a sad reality.

Closure is moving on. It is realizing that you can do better and knowing that you don’t need negativity. It’s realizing that you deserve happiness. We can create our own closure.

So when you don’t get the closure you want, just remember: sometimes they are capable of less. So do more and create your own closure for yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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