When You're Not Depressed, But You're Still Not Happy

When You’re Not Depressed, But You’re Still Not Happy

When you’re not depressed, but you’re still not happy, your mood changes at the drop of a hat. You have high highs and low lows. Some days you feel at the top of the world. Some days you don’t want to talk to anyone.

Your emotions vary from day to day. Some days you actually are happy. But others you shut yourself out from the world. A lot of your moods are dependent on other people.

Because when you’re not entirely happy, you look to others for validation. You look to them for happiness. When what you actually need to do is look within yourself. We can’t find happiness with other people.

Maybe you don’t need to take pills for depression, but some days you feel like you could. Because the wrong word could set you off. Your feelings can be hurt easily. You’re emotional. And sometimes those little jabs hurt more then anyone will ever know.

When you’re not depressed, but you’re not happy either, most people have no idea. You put on a front. You have a great life. So everyone thinks you’re happy. Maybe you overcompensate. Nobody really knows you. Or the pain you feel.

Because when you’re not depressed, but not happy either, you look happy. You go to work. You go out. You actually seem to be doing really well in life. “Winning”, they might say. But you still feel empty. There are some pieces missing. Sometimes you wonder what they are.

Growing up is tough. Happiness is fleeting. People are too. One day you may seem to have it all, and the next you’ve never felt so low.

When you’re not depressed, but not happy either, it’s really up to you to change that. You need to make positive changes to your life. It’s not easy. We have to build the life we want for ourselves.

We have to make ourselves happy. Life is tough. But so are you.

So get out. Do things that make you smile. Make other people smile. Live the life you want. And maybe one day, you’ll realize that you have more happy days than sad ones. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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