What To Do A Year After They’re Gone

What To Do A Year After They’re Gone

Because missing someone is hard.

When someone you love, suddenly leave your life, there will forever be a void. When someone is gone, you can no longer physically see them. You cannot reach out to them. You may feel them spiritually, but they are gone. And that’s devastating.

A year after they’re gone, try to celebrate them. Try not to cry so many sad tears. Try to remember the happy memories. The person they were. Tell stories. Reminisce with a smile, and a laugh.

A year after they’re gone, some of the memories may start to fade. Write them down. Look at pictures. Be thankful for the time you had.

It’s hard to put loss into words. 365 days without someone. A world without the one you love. Every day is an adjustment. Some morning you wake up with a pit in your stomach. There are moments you forget they’re gone, and those are the hardest. When you remember, or it hits you, it feels like you’ve experienced it all over.

Try not to let loss make you bitter. It definitely can. But anyone who was in your life wouldn’t want that for you. Anyone who loved you would hate that. They want you to be happy too. You cannot forever dwell on what you lost. You can be sad, but don’t let it define you.

Turn loss into motivation to make yourself a better person. Be kinder. Be more genuine. Be more open. Love hard. And go hard for those around you.

If loss has taught me anything, it’s that our time is so limited. Make it count. Reach out to people that you love. Try not to fight with those you love. Make amends. Make other people smile. Be a good person.

A year after they’re gone, it will still hurt. It always will. But live. Be authentic. Make them proud. Move on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Chicago born and raised. Stay strong but sweet.

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