Here’s Everything You Need To Expect About The Change That Will Occur Under The Gemini New Moon

This New Moon is special.

It’s time to stop and smell the roses- for life is beautiful. Society is what makes life stressful. Not life itself. We all have the power to live the life we love- the problem is, most people don’t realize this.

Falling under the sign of Gemini, associated with communication and the conscious mind, today’s June 13th New Moon at 3:43 PM EST is the beginning, and the end, of the rest of your life.

Sounds kind of drastic, doesn’t it?

Honestly, not really.

These changes are internal.

My four year anniversary of moving to New York City is coming up on June 18th. Is it still an anniversary if you don’t live there anymore? Not sure.

Nevertheless, I flew in on a Wednesday night. The following Thursday morning, I headed to my apartment on 98th and Broadway, sight unseen, where 10 boxes were waiting for me with the doorman. I had seen the apartment on a Skype tour with my roommate/landlord, emailed and texted with the other girls who lived there, and while this action would not seem logical (or even safe) to most, it made perfect sense to me. Mailing a check for $1,550 to a stranger? Sure. I just knew everything would be fine.

Intuition has gotten me through everything. Everything.

The day I moved in, I unpacked a few things and headed down the street to get lunch. I found a place nestled in Amsterdam and 96th with TVs.

There were more people than I would have expected at the bar, eating wings and intently watching some kind of game. Oh- soccer. I liked soccer.

I didn’t even understand the importance or care about the World Cup four summers ago when I moved to NYC, but it quickly became my favorite thing. Why? Easy- it was socially acceptable to go to the bar at noon and eat nachos with cute boys on the Upper West Side.

That brings me to my weekend plans- and how much times have changed.

On Friday afternoon I am heading back to NYC for the weekend- yet I didn’t even consider that it would be the four-year mark of my big move. It feels very appropriate; the New Moon in Gemini, a different Kristin, and of course, coming full circle.

It has not been an easy four years, but I am excited to enjoy a weekend in the city with an entirely new perspective. Not one with a broken heart like the broken heart I had when I arrived June 18th, 2014 and when I left July 25th, 2016, but with a happy, whole one.

A heart that is grateful. A heart that knows she doesn’t need boys, beer, or bars. A heart that is content within herself.

I know my behavior was reckless when I lived there. I know that. I am grateful to have gotten out alive (quite literally). However, those memories are pieces of my life that shaped me into the tough little cookie I am today. I’ve learned I don’t need to be tough all of the time, though- only when I need to be.

Remember how you used to hold back as a kid, second-guessed the things you said, or avoided creativity for the fear of what others may think? Well, everything is about to change.

Big projects will come to fruition, you’ll gain confidence to use your voice, and things that used to scare you won’t any longer.

You’ll stop numbing your feelings and start using them as strengths. You’ll use your struggles as lessons, and you’ll stop making the same changes twice.

Rushing will be a thing of the past because you’ll start to recognize that what’s for you will not pass you. Missing the train, rejection from a job, getting dumped by your boyfriend- these are all for reasons.

There is something bigger and better for you on the horizon.

So, sit back, and relax for once- with clear intentions, hard work, and clear communication, you will make your mark.

Just wait.

Trust the process. Life is about to become even more beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Always lands on her feet.

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