I’ve Learned Lately It’s About Choosing Yourself

I’ve learned lately it isn’t about who you miss but choosing people who choose you.

I’ve learned lately maybe it isn’t about the doors that close but focusing on the ones that open for you as a result.

I’ve learned lately maybe it isn’t about perfection but learning to coexist with your flaws.

I’ve learned lately maybe it isn’t about who walks out but rather who walks in afterwards to help you clean up the mess.

I’ve learned it isn’t about how many times you fall, all that matters is that you get back up again with another plan.

I’ve learned lately that healing doesn’t have to be pretty and tears don’t make you weak but sometimes those lonely moments are essential for growth.

I’ve learned lately that we are all going to miss someone at some point and it doesn’t make you weak it just proves love was real even in their absence.

I’ve learned lately there isn’t a timeline for healing. There isn’t a place you can go or a version of yourself you can become to rid yourself of it. I realized you can’t get over something trying to avoid it.

I’ve learned lately there isn’t logic when it comes to emotions and sometimes people’s feeling do just change and there is nothing you can do to reverse that.

I’ve learned lately the only real thing you can do is put your best self out there and hope the person on the receiving end is at a place themselves where they are ready for that sort of thing, but that won’t always be the case.

I’ve learned lately you can’t teach someone to respect you and sometimes the hardest walks you’ll take are away from those who can’t support you the way you need, to become the version of yourself you are meant to be. That sometimes even the people who love us most are toxic to us and those will be the hardest people to distance yourself from.

I’ve learned lately that if you must walk away from anyone or anything do so without bitterness, resentment or unkindness because it’s how you walk away that people will remember most.

I’ve learned lately sometimes you’re going to have to forgive people even though they might not be sorry because you deserve peace of mind and happiness within yourself.

I’ve learned lately the hardest person you are going to have to learn to forgive is yourself because everyone is still learning and trying and striving to do their best and lead a life they are proud of.

I’ve learned sometimes on the road to becoming your best self there will be moments when you are at your worst but even then there will be people who choose you and love you and want you but above all you must remember to always choose yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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