This Is What It Means To Love A Gemini

This Is What It Means To Love A Gemini

Loving a Gemini means being someone who is driven and motivated because they are themselves and they need that constant support encouragement.

It’s standing behind them and their crazy ideas even if you are the only one to believe in them. It’s knowing whatever they set their mind to not only will they achieve but they’ll be best at.

Loving a Gemini means understanding there are two very different sides to them. One in which they keep it all together making everyone else around them happy, appearing upbeat and positive as they say yes to everything and everyone. Then the other side who is a little deeper and darker and more emotional.

It’s that side of them that’s a deep-rooted insecurity of why they have to try so hard and constantly want to please people. Inclusion is so important to them and feeling a part of something bigger than themselves is essential. Because if they aren’t, then they fall into a lot of negativity.

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Loving a Gemini means loving both of those sides to them. It’s understanding that’s what makes them so sensitive and, compassionate and understanding.

It’s valuing them and their strength without taking it for granted. They will always be the one to carry you and help you and push you. But it’s important to not rely on them too heavily because then they become resentful towards you.

Loving a Gemini means talking things out. While they are good at reading people and taking hints, they will always want to address and problem head on a fix it.

It’s learning from them because they truly are one of the best people to follow. In their efforts to always want to improve, you’ll see they make you better too.

Loving a Gemini means being able to hold a conversation about things that actually matter. Mental attraction is essential. They don’t care about gossip, they care about things going on in the world. They care about what you think of it. They care about the books you’re reading, the good shows you watched. They will be the conversations late at night that keep you up thinking. They will be the motivation when you wake up in the morning because they are all about goals and making the best of 24 hours and making the best of their life.

It’s standing next to this person and admiring them so much for who they are.

Honest. Loyal. Hard Working.

They are the dreamers and the go-getters. They are the people who make a valiant effort to change the world. And in that world, they try to change they’ll change yours.

Loving a Gemini means sticking with them long enough and showing all those same qualities. It’s building this trust and a relationship you both value. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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