In The New Year Make A Resolution To Not Text Him First


Don’t text him first because if he wanted to talk to you he would.

Don’t make plans with him because if he wanted to see you he’d invite you out.

Don’t answer his snap so quickly just because you’re happy he thought to send it to you.

The truth is he probably sent it to a lot of other girls too.

Don’t get excited just because he’s getting in the habit of liking everything you post.

Don’t post stories and excited just because he looked at it.

There is a difference between missing you and missing your attention.

Don’t keep the conversation going if he doesn’t seem like he’s into it.

Don’t be so forgiving if he cancels.

Don’t go over there just because he told you to.

He has your number.

He’ll talk to you if you wants to.

He’ll see you if he wants to.

He’ll make a move if he cares.

And you won’t have to compromise your self-respect to get his attention.

The truth is if he really likes you it’s your attention he’ll be working for.

It’s you he’ll be trying to impress.

Don’t form emotional connections and have physical relationships with people just because.

Wait for the person who proves they deserve those parts of you.

Because those parts of you are rare and you deserve someone who values it.

And you should respect yourself enough to not give away those things so easily.

If he has your number he’ll text you if he wants.

And if he has your number and doesn’t talk to you for a while.

Delete his number.

Ask who this is?

When he tells you don’t even answer.

Because the right guy won’t keep you guessing and waiting and wondering how and when he wants to be in your life. The right guy won’t leave you feeling uncertain questioning yourself at all.

The right guy will not only text you first, he’ll pick up the phone and call you and tell you when to be ready. And that’s what you deserve, you just got start asking for what you want and learn when people don’t give you the right answer, you don’t have to change the question, you just change the person you are asking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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