Top 3 Zodiac Pairings That Make The Best Parents

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Pisces and Gemini

Pisces are very in tune with their emotions, they are the ones who will form a deep emotional bond with the kids. Geminis will be the parent who is the disciplinarian. Both types of parents are vital to helping a child become the best version of themselves.

While Pisces are overly sensitive Geminis are understanding of how the things they say and do impact people. This combination leads to really listening to what their kids want and what they need without trying to dictate or control their lives too much. Instead, guide them to make the right decisions for themselves.

Pisces say, ‘do your best’ while Geminis excel in everything they do naturally. This impacts the kids to be high achievers and do really well. Combining these two types will lead to a child who is hard working, high achieving and self-motivated.

Pisces will always follow their heart while Gemini will be sure to make choices that are more practical this will influence affect the kids because they will be caught between what they want and what the more logical choice might be. While one parent says follow their heart the other says to follow your head.

Pisces are more introverts while Geminis are the life of the party. This affects the kids showing them there isn’t pressure to be one way or the other.

The combination of Pisces and Gemini is such a strong one because each person has so many good qualities.

Each hard-working, striving for success. Each brutally honest but in touch with their emotions. Each genuinely kind and never having bad intentions towards people. They are a wonderful balance for each other and they end up raising really stand up kids.

Scorpio and Libra

While a Scorpio is very blunt, sarcastic and one of the strongest personalities of all signs, a Libra is one of the lightest-hearted and kind. Kids always gravitate towards having a personality like one parent but the effect the other opposite parent has is extremely positive.

While a Scorpio is more guarded and doesn’t trust anyone, a Libra gives way too many chances. As a result of this, the Scorpio learns to let their guard down a bit and a Libra learns when to stop giving chances. The impact this has on raising kids is having both a good heart but demanding what you deserve of someone. You will never see their kids get walked all over or taken advantage of.

Both signs are two of the most loyal of all, so together they will teach their kids about the importance of building good relationships, maintaining them and building strong bonds that last.

While a Scorpio is very introverted, the extroverted Libra compliments them. Scorpios are never the most popular sign while Libras grew up being liked by everyone. This combination and the effect it has on the kids will teach them how to treat everyone they come across with kindness and understanding.

Scorpios are overly observant while Libras expect the best of everyone. This combination teaches kids while they can expect the best of people, also be realistic with what is actually there and see people for who they are not what you want them to be.

Both signs follow their heart but Scorpios are just more guarded in who they give it to. In their children’s relationships, they learn to fall carefully and cautiously then give someone everything they have.

Sagittarius and Leo

While Leos are strong leaders Sags tend to thrive when they are on their own. This teaches to kids to be both types of people depending on the situation.

Both signs seem to bite off more than they can chew and work really hard. Together they raise kids with the types of values to always take on a lot and be a part of things that positively influence people.

While Sags hide what they think and feel, Leos have a terrible poker face and can’t pretend. Leos teach Sags to not be so guarded while Sags teach Leos to be a little stronger sometimes. As a result, their kids come out really tough being both in touch with their emotions and being able to get work done and put their feelings aside when something matters more.

Sags do not have many friends while Leos love being in the spotlight. The impact this has is a Sag who is a little more passive following a Leos lead. This balance between two parents influences a child by always feeling safe. And when they grow up they will likely be one person or the other looking for that perfect match like their parents found.

Both signs seem to bite off more than they can chew and work really hard. Together they raise kids with the types of values to always take on a lot and be a part of things that positively influence people.

While Leo’s notice very tiny details about people and things, Sags tend to overthink situations. While over thinking is sometimes looked at as negative when you combine the two, their kids end up being able to read situations and people better than anyone. They tend to be wise beyond their years simply because they are so in touch with other people.

Each sign loves really hard and works at relationships. This teaches the kids true love is something they can find and often times they do end up in really healthy relationships. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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