The Top Three Hardest Signs To Get To Fall In Love

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Scorpios are the most fascinating complex signs there it. If you know a Scorpio you know how hot and cold they can be. Love you one minute hate you the next. Talk and be the most social person one minute then need to pull away and be alone for days. They are hard to read solely because you never actually know what they are thinking and feeling. A perfect partner for a Scorpio is someone who is going to challenge them both mentally and emotionally. They are blunt and appreciate people who are the same way but their honesty makes them a lot of enemies very quickly.

So when it comes to love and relationships they don’t trust people because a lot of people aren’t nice to them at first. What seems like sarcasm and quick whit is really a defense mechanism. They have the highest walls of any sign and push people away more than they let them in. The perfect partner for them is someone who is going to keep trying until they get tired when they see someone put in that much effort that’s when they begin to let you in step by step. They take things so slow not because they don’t trust themselves they just don’t trust others. To gain a Scorpios trust isn’t just about listening to them, it’s about actions over everything and what you’d be willing to do to prove it. Very few people make it that far or feel they are worth the effort.

But anyone who has ever cared deeply about a Scorpio knows they are unlike any sign in the best way. Once they trust you, they have the type of loyalty that never fades. If they love you, they will move mountains for you. In a relationship, no one is going to understand your relationship because a Scorpio is two very different people in one but they don’t have to. They care deeper than any sign. They love harder. They say I love you to only a select few and if you’re one of them they change you completely for the better.


Sags are the easiest to fall in love with but toughest to convince to fall in love. While they are hopeless romantics and believe in love more than anyone they struggle in ever letting people in fully. When they think back to old relationships, they pick quality people but what they fail to see a relationship ending as someone else’s fault. Naturally born perfectionists they always hold themselves accountable when things go wrong. As a result instead of learning from relationship failures, they pick themselves apart dwelling in the past and fearing love.

Of all the signs they fear love the most because they associate love with pain. Because of this they push people away and choose themselves. While they look at other couples jealous of what they might have, they are their own worst enemy in getting it. They get inside their own heads and instead of realizing their value, they hang onto the unkind things people have said letting that dictate their story. While every other part of their life seems to be very put together and great relationships are the one part that lacks. And it isn’t that they don’t get hit on or asked out, along with being hard on themselves they have even higher standards for the people they choose. Their exes leave them and it is big shoes to fill and most fall short of what a Sag deserves and needs. They need a really strong partner who will push them as they refuse to settle. The truth is a Sag would rather be single than ever settle for someone average wasting their time.


The sign of the bull is naturally very stubborn. The number one person they trust are themselves and a select and small group of friends. They don’t bring people they are interested in around often because they like to figure out for themselves if you are someone worth their time and attention. While they have a cold exterior and come across as hard to get along with, beneath the surface is someone who truly does care but is afraid to show it. For some reason they believe showing their emotions is a sign of weakness, so they refrain from it struggling to be able to articulate how much someone actually means. They have an alpha personality and like to take control of any and all situations so it takes a passive partner who is okay with that.

Someone who is patient and willing to give them time to come around at their own pace. They don’t respond to pressure, intense or stressful situations well. They replace worrying and fear with anger. They replace admitting they care and showing how they feel through actions instead of words. While they might not say much they watch everyone and everything very closely not missing a beat. So don’t try and pull one over on them or deceive them because they’ll catch it.

Choose battles wisely when it comes to a Taurus because most of them never lose and have mastered the art of manipulating people to do what they want. While they might be one of the toughest signs to get along with and when they finally do say I love you it might be quiet and muffled under their breath, the good thing about them is once they do fall for you, you’ll have their loyalty which is one of the strongest out of any signs. While it takes a while to get there once you do you’ll see they’d do just about anything for the person they love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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