It’s Scorpio Season Beware


When it comes to Scorpio’s there is no in-between opinion about them. You either love them or hate them. You’re either friends with them or you fear them.

Scorpios are the most intense, complicated and emotional sign there is.

Beware of falling in love with them.

When you fall in love with a Scorpio you’re fucked. Because they are unlike any sign you will ever have a relationship with. They always end up being that relationship you wonder about. They always are the one you regret hurting if that’s the case. They are always the one you love the hardest, who take a piece of you with them when they leave.

Their ability to be two very different people is both fascinating and horrifying. They can be both the life of the party but once that party ends they thrive being alone and needing that time.

They are both hopeless romantics but they are also realists. They can read people so well they might tell you something about yourself you aren’t ready to hear. They also can tell when you’re lying. When they ask a question and you don’t tell the whole truth they look at you and you know they know.

While they invest a lot into the people they choose, they very rarely allow themselves to fall that hard for anyone.

They can be both hot and cold. Pushing you away but then holding you in their arms and there isn’t a place that’s ever felt better.

They are the sign that is the most guarded out of any. So if you get to the heart of Scorpio consider yourself both lucky and rare.

To them loyalty is everything. They won’t cheat on you. They won’t lie to you. They’d rather break your heart with their blunt nature and the truth than sugarcoat anything.

Some consider them cold and heartless but anyone who has experienced love of Scorpio knows their heart is deep and dark and everything you could hope for in a person.

They are the most observant of all signs so when they say something it’s probably something important. They speak only when it matters and they listen more than they talk.

They type of love they need in their life is someone with thick skin. Their blunt honesty gets them in trouble and their sarcasm a lot of people take the wrong way.

It takes a special person to see them past the front they put up and if you have patience you’ll get through to a Scorpio.

Beware of falling in love with a Scorpio because once you do they change what you expect of love and relationships in your future forever being the standard you compare everyone to.

Beware of being their friend.

They are loyal. They will fight for you and have your back unless you give them a reason not to.

As a friend, a Scorpio will be your best one. They will be the one giving the best advice. They will be the one showing up when no one else does. They will be the one answers at two AM when you have no one else. They give their best to people who deserve it. And are so guarded because a lot of people in the past haven’t.

Beware of being friends with a Scorpio because for the rest of your life if you earn their trust and their friendship you have a bond that will never break.

Beware of being their enemy.

But if they catch you in a lie. If they catch you deceiving them. If they realize you might not be good for them. They cut you off. They don’t explain it. They don’t give you reasons why. They just disappear leaving you having to think about it.

They aren’t good with second chances because they believe people show their true colors with one. They aren’t good with forgiveness because once you cross them they will never trust you again. They aren’t good with healing and moving on because if they let someone close to them and they get hurt you’re dead to them.

They will look right through you when you walk by it’ll be eerie.

They will haunt you without even saying anything but just giving you a look.

And if you are their enemy, they are smart with how they act and when to react.

The scariest thing about a Scorpio is how in control they are of their emotions, even the bad ones.

So beware when you become an enemy of a Scorpio because they might not say much but you are on a list of people they will either go after or let karma handle it. And the only thing scarier than karma is a Scorpio. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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