This Is The Type Of Partner You Need If You’re A Scorpio


Someone who is both patient and loyal.

Scorpios are the hardest sign to win over. To get a Scorpio to fall in love with you means you’ve taken time and patience to get to know them. While they are the most loyal sign they are also the most guarded. So it takes someone with the patience to win over their loyalty.

Someone who is passive.

Scorpios always need to be the dominant one in a relationship. If you challenge them for power it’ll be a fight that doesn’t end well. Their ideal relationship is one in which they are making all the decisions and being with someone who wants to just make them happy.

Someone with thick skin.

Scorpios are harsh. They don’t mean to offend you but they will be so blunt and honest, they have to be with someone who can handle that. They don’t match well with people who are overly sensitive and take things personally.

Someone who is empathetic.

Despite the cold front, they put up they are very emotional but hide it well. The best partner for them is someone who understands things without them having to explain what it is they are feeling. And while you want to help them sometimes the best way to help a Scorpio isn’t finding a solution but rather sitting there with them in silence and knowing sometimes you can’t.

Someone who is ambitious.

Scorpios are highly motivated and driven. Their career or school work will always be their priority. They need someone who understands that, respects it and supports that. If you support a Scorpio they will match that 100% and never let you down when you need them.

Someone who is overly observant.

A lot of what Scorpios say aren’t coming out of their mouth. If you can learn their body language, learn the dialogue and tone they use in certain situations, you’ll understand them more. While they might be blunt and forward they do know when to hold things in but as their partner, you have to know, it’s best to get them out of situations they aren’t comfortable.

Someone who is independent.

The worst type of relationship a Scorpio can be in is one where the person’s life revolves around them Scorpios thrive when they are given the space they need to recharge. Understanding when a Scorpio needs space and not taking it personally will be the make and break of your relationship. While the relationship might be important the relationship they have with themselves is also their number one priority. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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