When She’s The Girl You Don’t Date She’ll Be The Type You Look To Marry

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She’s not the type of girl you date. She’s the one you think about dating. She’s the one you flirt with. The one you know cares about you even if she hasn’t said it.

She’s the one who can lay there with you in bed yet you don’t make a move. Part of you wants to but part of you is apprehensive to step over that line. She’s the one who will kiss you in the morning. Say I love you. Text you later that day like it’s nothing.

She’s the one you know with certainty will always be there for you. The one you don’t have to talk to every day or give too much attention to. But you know you’ll always have hers. The one who treats you better than any girl you know.

She’s the one whose heart you know you have. But you keep it in your back pocket for safe keeping.

She’s the girl you can cancel on and she won’t hold it against you or hold a grudge. The one who smiles and jumps into your arms when she sees you.

The one you can confide and ask for advice even if it’s about other girls. She’s the girl that will build you up when everyone else is playing games and messing with your head. The one who will remind you of all you have to offer someone. She’s the one who looks at you and sees you through eyes of perfection.

She’s not the girl you date. She’s the girl your mom wishes you would date.

The one who has a relationship with your family and sometimes wishes she had one with you. She’s the one who won’t push you for more than what you’re willing to give. Even if it’s bits and pieces.

She’s the one that you know would be the perfect girlfriend. The one you know you could have if you wanted her. But something about her is too easy. But not easy in today’s definition. She has standards and self respect and won’t just sleep with anyone. The one you’re tempted to touch sometime but you’re too afraid to.

The one you admire from afar. And you’re not the only one.

If learning to be alone has taught her anything it’s to really build a life for herself without a relationship defining any part of it.

Sometimes you question why she’s single. And she does too. When she has guys telling her she’s everything they could want but still don’t choose her. When she sees them go for people and she knows they are settling or worse they are exactly like her in every sense it breaks her heart. But she won’t ever admit it. She’ll just carry one with this unwavering strength.

She struggles to truly believe it’s their loss for not seeing her value. But maybe if she keeps repeating it to herself she will believe it.

She’s not the girl you date. She’s the girl you think about dating. The girl you flirt with. The one you take out to dinner. The one you’re comfortable with. The one you’ve thought about as more than a friend. But for some reason it doesn’t go past a thought.

She’s the one people ask about. She’s the one everyone says would be perfect for you. And you know it too. Excuses like you value her as a person and you like her as friend are just lies.

The truth is you like having her there as some safety net.

She’s not the girl you date. She’s the girl you think about dating. The one you don’t want to date now.

But when you get older you’ll realize everything you look for in a forever person is all of the qualities she had.

Being genuine. Being kind. Being compassionate. The emotions she’s doesn’t hold back. The blunt nature and caring all the time you didn’t. Her ability to forgive. The support system you need and her always being in your corner. The independence that suddenly seems more attractive than ever before. Her ability to take care of herself shows you she can take care of you and a family one day.

Suddenly what used to be your type isn’t anymore. You realize her mindset will be what raises your family and that’s not the girls you used to date.

It’s her authenticity. The fact she never pretended to be someone she wasn’t, that’s what you are suddenly looking for.

The one who challenges you, emotionally and intelliecutally pushing you to be more. She makes you want to be a better man. A man she deserves.

She’s not the kind of girl you. She’s the girl who sets the standards for what you look for in the person you end up marrying. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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