If It Means Meeting Someone Like This I’ll Wait Until Then And Stay Single

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If it means meeting someone who wants me and only me, I’ll wait.

I’ll wait for someone who reaches for my hand first.

The person who knows kissing me is the best way to get me to stop talking when it’s too much.

Someone who pulls me closely when we’re sleeping at night.

The person who makes me feel safe in their arms.

I’ll wait for someone who adds confidence to every doubt I might have.

Someone who builds me up and compliments me in a way I become better.

If it means meeting someone who shows me chivalry isn’t dead I’ll wait.

I’ll wait for opened doors.

To pulled out chairs.

To bills, I might fight to pay but don’t win.

If it means meeting someone who wants to meet my parents, I’ll wait.

Even though the thought of that scares me to death.

Someone who wants to know my friends.

And wants me to know theirs.

I’ll wait for the person who never makes me choose between the two.

If it means learning to be happy alone until I meet the right person, I’ll wait.

Because I know it isn’t their job to make me happy. It’s their job to make me happier.

If it means meeting someone who adds to the life I’ve already built for myself, I’ll wait.

If it means waiting until I have something of value to offer someone, then I keep trying to improve alone until I’m ready.

I’ll wait for the person who wants to learn about the things I care about.

The things that motivate me. The things that move me. The things that touch my heart in ways I don’t know people ever could. But through learning about these things someone will learn about the parts of me.

I’ll wait for the person who makes me try new things even though I don’t want to.

The one who can convince me to do things despite how stubborn I might be.

Someone who holds my hand helping me to overcome fears because regardless of scared I might me, there’s something safe about them.

I’ll wait for the one who teaches me home isn’t a place but a person.

Someone who makes me feel like their home is mine.

That person that lets me leave things at their house because I’m there enough.

The person who teaches me about compromise.

Teaches me what it’s like to have someone meet me halfway in a life and old relationships where I used to do more.

If it means meeting someone who is a yes person. I’ll wait.

Yes to whatever I ask.

Yes to wherever I need them to be.

Yes to us and a life that doesn’t scare them when we’re building it together.

The truth is I’m at a point in my life that if I don’t see a potential of a real long future together, I’ll let you go and just wait for the person who can give me that.

In the past, I’ve made mistakes of trying to convince people that we were right for each other.

I’ve made the mistake of trying a little too hard and ignoring excuses.

I’ve looked at people thinking I could change them.

Or it was me needing change.

Losing myself trying to appease people who could never be right no matter how much I wanted them to be.

I’ve made the mistake of loving people who couldn’t love me back no matter how hard I tried.

But I’m done making mistakes.

I’m done listening to excuses.

I’m done investing time and energy into someone who is on the fence about how they feel.

Because it has nothing to do with not being good enough or pretty enough or smart enough.

If every wrong person has taught me anything it’s that you can’t force someone to be right.

So instead I’ll wait.

I’ll wait for the person who makes love easy.

I’ll wait for the person who makes me realize I’m enough. I’ve always been enough. It just took the right person to see that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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