In Case You Forgot This Is How You Deserve To Be Treated


You deserve someone treating you well all the time.

You deserve someone texting you back immediately.

You deserve actual phone calls and someone just checking in to see how you are.

You deserve someone making plans for once.

Someone who is willing to treat you the way you treat everyone else.

You deserve someone who would drive four hours just to see you for one.

You deserve someone who wants to meet everyone in your life.

Someone who cares about building the relationships with your friends.

You deserve someone with manners.

From opening your door.

To taking your jacket.

To pulling out your chair.

To paying for the bill.

You deserve someone who shows you chivalry isn’t outdated or old school.

But something they themselves are trying to make happen again.

Someone who knows to stand on the outside of the sidewalk.

It’s something so little but means so much.

You deserve someone who actually picks you up from a date and drives you home.

Someone who kisses you on the first date and leaves it at that.

Someone who texts you because they’ve had a great night and they want you to know.

You deserve someone who keeps their word.

Someone who shows up on time.

Someone who sends you flowers just because they want you to know they are thinking of you.

You deserve someone who cares.

Someone who never stops showing it.

You deserve someone who remembers the details you tell them.

Someone who really listens to you.

You deserve someone who works to build your trust knowing very well how important that is.

But in this generation, we expect less of people.

We blush over likes on Instagram and Facebook thinking that’s showing affection.

We get excited when they text us back even though it was a few hours.

We say things through paragraph texts and build relationships over a phone.

But when you see them IRL you don’t know what to say.

Or someone cancels.

We are a generation obsessed with connecting to one another but emotionally we are so disconnected.

Because maybe he’s talking to you but he hasn’t deleted his dating app.

Maybe you hang out every weekend and spend the night but he won’t call you his girlfriend.

Maybe you know all about his friends but they don’t know you.

Maybe he buys you a beer but he won’t take you to dinner or on a real date.

It’s isn’t just about meeting somewhere late at night at someone’s convenience it’s about taking time out of your day to spend with someone you aren’t afraid to admit you care about.

You deserve more than someone who plays games and leads you on. Because anyone who leaves you confused or is worrying about who says or does what next doesn’t like you enough.

Don’t settle for a relationship with someone who is afraid to even say that word.

Don’t continue falling for someone your friends already hate because of the way he treats you.

He should be treating you well all the time.

You deserve someone whose acts of kindness are genuine and not a way to gain something else.

Someone who treats you as well as they did trying to get you and that doesn’t change when they finally have you.

You don’t deserve someone whose word you can’t rely on.

Who says one thing and does another.

You deserve someone who is so happy to have someone like you, they can’t wait to introduce you to their friends and family.

You deserve someone who doesn’t fear the future but wants you a part of theirs.

Don’t settle in love.

Don’t forget how you deserve to be treated.

And if anyone tells you your expectations are too high or unrealistic don’t budge because there is someone who will meet them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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