The Type Of Relationship I Look Forward To Is One That’s Loyal


If you ask me the things I look forward to when it comes to relationships it’s really simple.

I look forward to being with only one person. That isn’t something that scares me if I know they are right.

I look forward to deleting my dating apps because I hated them anyway.

I look forward to walking into a bar holding the same person’s hand I know I’m going to leave with.

I look forward to getting hit on just so I can say I’m taken. I won’t flirt with the idea of leading someone on or pretending I’m single when I’m not. I look forward to not having that title.

I look forward to sharing the life I’ve already built with someone. Someone who wants to be a part of it.

I look forward to introducing them to my friends and family knowing they’ll like whoever it is as much as I do, simply because they make me happy and everyone can see it across my face.

I look forward to running into people in my past and knowing everything happened for a reason.

I look forward to the nights in where I don’t have to dress up or put on makeup but just relax with the person I care most about.

I look forward to growing used to what it’s like to sleep on one side of the bed when all I ever did in the past was lay in the middle.

Someone who can tolerate the fact my hair is everywhere all the time.

Someone who can tolerate little things like I can’t sleep without socks on and I have to be facing a certain side.

Someone who can tolerate my little quirks that I might not even notice but they somehow accept it.

I look forward to just knowing I’m apart of someone’s plan. Not worrying to make any as the weekend comes around.

I look forward to having a plus 1 to every event I go to even though I grew very used to walking into a room confidently and alone.

I look forward to just looking at someone with confidence. Being out at the same place and not needing to be attached to the hip.

I look forward to working through things, knowing fights won’t be the do all end all.

I look forward to the little things like pictures together, date nights, day trips.

It’s the little things.

Just knowing someone continues to choose me. Every day. As I do them.

That’s what I look forward to.

I look forward to being happy with one person, in a generation that tries to teach us to never be satisfied and always look for more.

I look forward to learning from each other, loving one another watching as we each become better versions of ourselves. You want to become the best version of yourself, I challenge you to fall in love.

I look forward to holidays and adding an extra plate when my mom asks if he’s coming.

I look forward to giving my best and watching as it’s enough. When in the past I’ve watched myself jump through hoops trying to impress people who weren’t worthy.

I look forward to letting someone into my heart when all I did in the past was push people away out of fear.

It’s the little things I look forward to most.

I look forward to meeting someone who I know could be it and me doing everything to not just get them but continue to do things to keep them and show my appreciation for someone like them in my life.

But most of all I look forward to a love that is loyal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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