Don’t Like Someone Who Ignores You

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Don’t like someone who waits for the weekend to see what you’re doing.

Who snaps you but doesn’t answer when you snap them back.

Don’t like someone who constantly is apologizing for behavior they are refusing to change it.

Don’t like someone who puts a minimum effort into things just to keep you around.

Don’t like someone who makes it seem like having any sort of relationship is difficult.

Don’t like someone you haven’t had a deep conversation with.

Don’t like someone you who the foundation of your relationship is built on being out drunk.

Because people say a lot of things they don’t mean when they are drunk.

Don’t like someone who just wants to hook up with you.

Because I’ve learned people will tell you any and everything you want to hear when the lights are out.

Don’t believe it.

Don’t like someone who ignores you when they see you.

Because playing hard to get shouldn’t attract you more.

Don’t like someone who goes days ignoring you but then likes your latest insta, just to remind you they are still there.

Don’t like someone who can’t pick up the phone and call you yet they look at every story you post first.

Don’t like someone who hurts you or disappoints you or ignores you.

Don’t like someone who isn’t nice all the time.

Don’t like someone who needs you to validate their own self-worth but they won’t meet you halfway.

Don’t like someone who pretends to care sometimes but not all the time.

Because while you are sitting there staring at your phone trying to decipher what they mean exactly, there is someone who deserves that time and attention and effort.

Don’t like someone just because they give you attention sometimes.

Choose someone who gives you their undivided attention all the time.

Someone who makes it clear they want you and only you.

Because anyone who drags you through confusion and games aren’t just unsure of you, they are unsure of themselves and you have to ask yourself why would you continue to choose someone who continues to not choose you?
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