What Love Actually Is Because It’s More Than Three Words

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Love isn’t just three words mumbled before bedtime. It’s every little thing to prove that person the best thing that’s happened in your life.

It’s wanting what’s best for them and just looking out for them because their happiness, health and well being make up your own.

It’s telling them to put their seatbelt on a drive safely.

It’s telling them to text you when you get home.

It’s asking how their day is or how they slept last night.

It’s asking if they ate because you know how busy they are at work.

Love isn’t just three words it’s the reminder that those three words gave new meaning in your life since you met them.

It’s the flowers sent your office because they wanted to know they were thinking of you.

It’s the phone call because they miss hearing the sound of your voice.

It’s buying their favorite thing just because you saw it in the store and thought of them.

It’s managing to be at the event they asked you to go to, even though you have another obligation and it’ll be cutting it close. You still make it and they smile and suddenly it’s worth it.

It’s seeing them at their worst and choosing to stay.

I love you aren’t just words typed on a screen it’s everything you do IRL to prove it.

It’s driving hours just to see them for a little while because that’s the highlight of your day.

It’s doing something really special for them not because you want anything back but you enjoy being the reason there’s a smile on their face.

It’s pulling them in close late at night and the comfort and security that they are there.

It’s looking at them as they are doing something just normal. Cleaning the dishes. Watching T.V. And you think they are the most beautiful person in the entire world.

Because beauty isn’t just about what they look like. While yes they are attractive. But what makes them most attractive is who they are.

It’s the little things you fall in love with. The way they kiss your forehead.

The way they have to pet every dog that walks by them.

The way they make you laugh even though what they said wasn’t even that funny.

It’s standing in a crowded room and it doesn’t matter who else is around you just that they are there.

It’s the kiss that feels like the right one and you can’t describe it as anything but that.

And you think back to everyone else you dated and everything that ended and you look at this person and you understand why.

Because they aren’t just your best friend, they are the love of your life you’ll never stop choosing.

And once you find that, you realize it isn’t just three words. It’s someone redefining what you thought love was. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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