BREAKING: Just Because You Don’t Like Kim K, Doesn’t Mean She ‘Deserved’ To Be Held At Gun Point

Kim Kardashian Instagram
Kim Kardashian Instagram

So, if you’ve been living under a rock for the last twelve hours or so, here’s the gist of what happened yesterday:

Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint in her rented apartment in Paris late on Sunday night, by five men who disguised themselves as police officers.

Apparently the five men threatened the concierge with a gun, handcuffed him, and then forced him to take them to Kim’s private suite. Two of the men gained entry to Kim’s room, held her at gunpoint, tied her up and locked her in a bathroom, and then took two cell phones and millions of dollars in jewelry.

Thankfully, Kim’s two children (North and Saint West) were not present at the time of the incident. Kim’s spokeswoman said she was “badly shaken but physically unharmed.”

And so, right on cue, the Twitter trolls came out.

So here’s the thing. I get why some people are turned off by Kim Kardashian. I understand that people think she’s over the top and vapid and materialistic.

I realize it’s frustrating that news outlets write stories about what see-through top she wore to which Kanye concert, when they could be covering serious issues that are a thousand times more important than her latest night out.

But here’s the other thing. Being “obsessed with fame” and starring on a reality show that infuriates countless people does not mean that you deserve to be held at gun point, or to die.

It doesn’t mean you deserve to be scared out of your mind, to have your supposedly ‘safe’ place of stay broken into by five men who may or may not harm you and potentially kill you, to think that there’s a chance you’ll never see your husband or children again.

The tweets shared above aren’t even close to some of the worst ones out there. Some people are saying she deserved it, some are saying the robbers should have finished the job, some are just making jokes. Whatever the severity of each tweet, the point is, it’s not funny. Laughing at someone else’s trauma is just inhumane.

Kim Kardashian is a person. Maybe she’s not a person you agree with. Maybe she’s not even a person you like. That’s fine. It’s okay not to like her. It’s understandable.

But it’s not okay to treat her like she’s less than human. To feel not even an ounce of pity. To hear that someone suffered something you don’t even know too many details about, and to laugh it off because she “had it coming.”

We can’t let ourselves become this kind of society. The kind that only respects those who are like us or those who agree with us, and to deem everybody else as less than. 

There’s going to be a lot of people we encounter in our lifetime that we don’t like, maybe some that we seriously can’t stand to be around. But what we can’t forget is that every. single. individual we know is a person, just like us. TC mark

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