27 Little Things You Absolutely Do Not Owe Anyone An Explanation For


1. Loving whoever you want to love.

2. Being with that person you love. Openly. Successfully. Happily.

3. Finding yourself feeling sad and not knowing how to explain why, even when people tell you that you have “no reason” to be.

4. Not having a reason for not wanting to do something that is optional, and not mandatory.

5. Cutting out toxicity from your life in order to live more purely and freely.

6. Choosing something or someone that people don’t understand, especially when you feel in your gut that it’s where you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to do.

7. Not liking someone. Sometimes you just won’t.

8. Deciding to forgive, but choosing to not forget.

9. Leaving people, places, and things behind even if it hurts you and them, and never looking back.

10. Having a bad night, week, month, or year.

11. Realizing you don’t like your life, and so you want to change it all.

12. Hating your job, so you quit and start over.

13. Spending all day in bed even when there were errands to run and dishes in the sink because you just needed a break.

14. Making an embarrassing mistake when it happens to everyone.

15. Being “too much” every now and again.

16. Disagreeing with someone and not feeling it necessary to have a discussion where one was not invited.

17. Grieving however you need to.

18. Not going with the flow because the flow feels like it’s going against you.

19. Having a day that is your day to be selfish.

20. Having a day that is your day to be mad.

21. Having a day that is just simply, your day.

22. Ending things when people need to realize that things have conclusions, chapters close, and not everything has to be a forever.

23. Needing time.

24. Fairly correcting the people who have wronged you when it helps you feel lighter and eases whatever weight is on your shoulders.

25. Being a “little bit of a mess right now.”

26. Having a past.

27. But choosing to live in spite of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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