27 Things People ACTUALLY Talk About In Locker Rooms (Spoiler: It’s Not Sexual Assault)

Kate Ter Haar
Kate Ter Haar

1. “Do you have a spare tampon?”

2. “Hey fyi that shower’s totally out of hot water.”

3. “Jfc that class kicked my ass.”

4. “I’m going to demolish a burger after that workout.”

5. *total silence because everyone’s on their phones post getting rocked at Andrew’s 5:30 spin class*

6. “Excuse me,” *shuffles by Caroline who’s putting her hair up to get to your own locker*

7. “Where’d you get those yoga pants?”

8. “Smoothies?”

9. “Holy shit I’m going to be so sore tomorrow.”

10. “Can I borrow your shampoo? I left mine at home.”

11. “Ughhhh I’m running so late I have to change in 30 seconds or I’m going to miss class.”

12. “Dammit I forgot deodorant. Sorry to whoever is next to me.”

13. “I can’t believe that dude didn’t wipe down the machine when he was done. So gross…”

14. “Are you taking the weekend off or are you coming tomorrow?”

15. “Oh my god I can’t wait until it’s nice out again so I can go running outside.”

16. “How do you feel about that new instructor? I’m on the fence.”

17. *more silence because everyone is just getting changed in peace*

18. “Hey! How was your week?”

19. “Can you spot me?”

20. “I definitely should’ve eaten before that yoga class. I feel like I’m going to pass out.”

21. “Pardon me,” *said as you scoot in to use the mirror to redo your makeup or redo your hair*

22. “Are we still on for drinks tomorrow?”

23. “Do I have your number? Here, put it in my phone so I can text you the address.”

24. “Can I borrow your foam roller?”

25. “That felt so good. I feel so strong right now.”

26. “Same time tomorrow?”

27. “Did you see the debates? Donald Trump makes me literally scream at my TV…” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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