17 Guys Get Real On One Thing They Still Miss About Their Ex To This Day


1. “I’m kind of a cover hog, and so she’d always end up in this little ball beside me to keep warm in the middle of the night. My new girlfriend is a bed hog who sprawls out, and we’re definitely not as ‘sleep compatible.’ There was something really sweet about the way my ex slept next to me, and I miss it a little bit.” — Nathan, 25

2. “She never complained about being the one to take the dog out in the morning. Not once. Did it every day without a word.” — Kevin, 22

3. “She’d do this thing where she’d always add ‘for now’ onto the end of her goodbyes. So she’d kiss me and say, “Bye for now.” So it was never definite. There was something really poetic about that and it crosses my mind every now and then wondering if she said it in her head when we ended.” — Igor, 28

4. “She had a great rack. Like seriously, they looked like they were photoshopped or something.” — Kyle, 27

5. “She was probably the least judgmental person ever and encouraged me to go travel and find myself, even if it couldn’t be with her. I’ll never forget or be able to thank her enough for it.” — Andreas, 29

6. “He had an outlook on life that can only be described as fun. He was one of those people who could make any situation turn into the best day ever or a ridiculous party. It’s a little bit more up in the air and sporadic than what I’d want for my ‘real life’, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss having that around me from time to time.” — Robert, 26

7. “Every night before we’d go to bed she’d tiptoe it up to my forehead and kiss me goodnight. It was super cute and endearing and one of the best things about having girlfriend who was so affectionate.” — Ben, 24

8. “She wasn’t afraid of taking charge over things if she knew the right way to do them. It was her best and worst quality.” — Josh, 27

9. “She was super enthusiastic about getting to know my interests and learning about them. She wasn’t just ‘along for the ride’ — she genuinely wanted to be a part of things. That was really cool and a weirdly hard to find trait in a person.” — Scott, 25

10. “He was never afraid to jump in and protect me. I always knew he had my back even if I was (maybe) wrong.” — Tripp, 22

11. “She absolutely never faked it and taught me more about sex than I could’ve ever hoped to know in this lifetime. I definitely still masturbate to her. Can’t lie about it.” — Xavier, 26

12. “I just always KNEW how much she cared about me, and that was really amazing. It’s one thing to know that you love someone…but to KNOW you’re loved? That’s really incredible. I hope I find it again someday and that we’re both ready to make it last.” — Adam, 24

13. “She was one of the feistiest, most outspoken people I’ve ever come across and I so, so admired that quality. In the end we ended up not being compatible in other areas but I’ll always miss watching her stand up for things she believed in. It was pretty cool to get to witness.” — Garrett, 28

14. “She had no problem telling me when I was wrong. At the time it annoyed the shit out of me but now, I know it was pretty dope having someone who wasn’t afraid to call me out when I needed it.” — Stephen, 25

15. “Even if she barely slept or if we’d had a fight or whatever, she always made sure to make coffee in the morning and make sure my keys were right next to the pot so I wasn’t searching for them. She definitely wanted to take care of me and it was really nice to be around.” — Joey, 29

16. “I could tell how much she wanted to be with me and be my girlfriend. Hey, it’s awesome to feel wanted. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong or hasn’t felt it.” — Travis, 23

17. “She brought out a spark in me I’ve yet to find somewhere else. There was this chemistry that was pretty undeniable. Maybe we’ll find our way back together someday but for now, I’m at least grateful I know that can exist between two people.” — Tommy, 27 Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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