42 Self-Limiting Thoughts That Completely Destroy Our Potential (Without Us Even Realizing It)


1. “Am I good enough?”

2. “God, they’re so much better than me.”

3. “I’m ‘above’ listening to this person.”

4. “Holy shit, I’m better than them.”

5. “I’m completely wrong for this.”

6. “I could never accomplish that.”

7. “There’s absolutely no WAY they’re right and I’m wrong.”

8. “I’m 100% right, and they’re 100% wrong.”

9. “This is stupid and I don’t need to care.”

10. “Why don’t they like me?”

11. “I’m never going to get there.”

12. “There’s no way I’m ever going to let this go.”

13. “I have to know why. HAVE to.”

14. “This has to go my way no ‘ifs’, ‘ands’, or ‘buts’.”

15. “My opinion doesn’t matter.”

16. “They’re delusional for loving me.”

17. “I’m too good for that.”

18. “God why did I do that back then?”

19. “I have to keep them around because I’ll never find anyone else.”

20. “I NEED this and CANNOT live without it.”

21. “What do they think about me?”

22. “Things will never get better for me.”

23. “Why me?”

24. “This is it. Things will never be better.”

25. “This is it. Things will never be worse.”

26. “Whatever. I can do it tomorrow.”

27. “I just shouldn’t go for it.”

28. “But I don’t want to fail…”

29. “Meh. I’m too lazy.”

30. “I’d be happier if I were them.”

31. “I should read the comments…”

32. “I’m never getting over them.”

33. “I’ve peaked.”

34. “I’m disgusting.”

35. “No one will ever love me.”

36. “That was a pity compliment.”

37. “It’d be easier if…”

38. “I just don’t want to know.”

39. “It’d be better if I didn’t care.”

40. “I’m never going to be happy.”

41. “Should I pretend to be okay with this?”

42. “I don’t deserve to be happy.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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