This Is Your Complimentary Love Match Based On Your Enneagram Type

This Is Your Complimentary Love Match Based On Your Enneagram Type

If you’ve taken the Enneagram Test and you know what type you are, you’re probably wondering who you match best with.

I’m not saying that Type X is a perfect match for Type Y, but that they compliment each other really well.


The Reformer (1) + The Helper (2)

Ones are perfectionists. They strive to be the very best and for them, nothing will be good enough. They are consistent and responsible and those attributes help them on their journey to perfection.

Twos are selfless beings. They are so loving, warm, and welcoming and usually put others before themselves. They want to help people more than anything else.

This is a dependable relationship. These two compliment each other well because the Helper will let the Perfectionist take care of them and fix things that need to be fixed.

The Helper (2) + The Individualist (4) 

Twos want to be needed. They care so much about everything and everyone and put others first. They fulfill the needs of others as long as it means that they’re being needed, too.

Fours want to be appreciated. They don’t want anyone to notice their flaws because they don’t want to be unlikable. They’re kinda needy in the sense that they desperately want to be loved wholeheartedly for who they are.

This is a good complimentary pair on the level of assurance and acceptance. They both need something (to be appreciated, to be needed) and both have complimentary qualities and desires for the relationship. How great is that?!

The Achiever (3) + The Enthusiast (7)

Threes want to be the best of the best. They want to be successful and in order to get that, they have to work hard and be competitive. They want that validation, too.

Sevens think that life can be adventure to success. They believe that success can come easy if you believe that you’re the very best (yeah, they aren’t very modest).

They both are on the journey to success and can show each other their own methods to getting there. The Enthusiast can reassure the Achiever in their journey to success, while the Achiever can show the Enthusiast that hard work can pay off.

The Individualist (4) + The Peacemaker (9)

Fours desperately want to be liked. If they’re not liked by someone, it’s because that person can see their flaws and they don’t want anyone knowing that they’re flawed. They’re sensitive like that.

Nines tend to avoid conflict. They don’t like things that are remotely negative or bad. These optimists just want peace and harmony. They’re sensitive to the suffering of others and try to avoid it, if possible.

The Peacemaker will ignore the Individualist’s flaws because that’s what the Individualist wants. They are both sensitive in their own ways and that awareness is why they’re so great together.

The Investigator (5) + The Perfectionist (1)

Fives tend to avoid confrontation. They get lost in thought and would rather keep things to themselves because they’re afraid of what could happen if they didn’t.

Ones are overly-aware of things. They want to do something about it, so if they have to speak up about their feelings in order to fix something, they will.

They are both very observant and so if anything happens, they’re both aware. However, the Investigator will avoid confrontation while the Perfectionist will want to do something about it – this dynamic works for them.

The Loyalist (6) + The Perfectionist (1)

Sixes desperately want to trust people. They fear that no one will be good enough for their loyalty, so they wait for people to prove themselves.

Ones strive to be great. They want to be good enough for someone and they do everything in their power to make sure they get there.

The Perfectionist wants to be the very best at what they do, so if they need to gain the trust of the Loyalist, they will. The Perfectionist knows that the Loyalist is good for them because they know they only want the very best.

The Enthusiast (7) + The Investigator (5)

Sevens are very self-aware and open-minded. This observant attitude can sometimes come across as entitled, but that’s just who they are and people tend to like that.

Fives are very observant and tend to withdrawal out of fear sometimes. If they notice something, they keep it to themselves usually.

This is an unusually great pair because both the Enthusiast and the Investigator will help each other. The Enthusiast will inspire the Investigator to speak up for themselves, while the Investigator will inspire the Enthusiast to be a little more modest.

The Challenger (8) + The Peacemaker (9)

Eights like to take charge. They are natural born leaders and don’t like others having control over them. They’re strong minded and tend to have some control issues.

Nines like to have peace. They want to avoid conflict at all costs. They tend to withdrawal from things that don’t provide harmony or optimism or comfort.

This is complimentary pair because the Peacemaker won’t bother fighting again a strong-minded leader like the Challenger because they just want peace.

Again, I’m not saying that each pair is accurate or perfect. Every personality type has flaws because we are not perfect. Duh. Maybe Type X isn’t that great with Type Y, but maybe they are. You’ll just have to see for yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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