Some Heartbreaks Are Meant To Change You

Some Heartbreaks Are Meant To Change You

You awaken every morning feeling like you’re drowning in your own pain, wondering if you’ll ever feel whole again. You constantly ruminate about how they shattered your heart, trapping you in a sea of “whys.” But the truth is, some heartbreaks are meant to change you, to lead you away from your own detriment, to spur you towards growth, to spark your self-awareness.

Some heartbreaks are meant to save you from self-destruction. They signal that you’ve spent an eternity giving your love to those who abuse it, those who slowly squelch the independence you hold dear. As you nurse your festering wounds, your heartbreaks remind you that self-sacrifice breeds resentment and bitterness. They teach you that you deserve more than pain, more than heartache, more than half-hearted love, because you are worthy.

Some heartbreaks are meant to stimulate your personal growth. They reveal that you are not infallible, that you are human, that you have the capacity to feel and heal. They teach you your faults, surfacing your impatience, your anger, your tendency to isolate in the face of conflict. They motivate you to strive for change, to love softly but fervently, to temper your raging emotions, to express yourself with conviction instead of remaining silent.

Some heartbreaks are meant to push you forward. They batter and bruise you, leaving you floundering, prompting you to wonder if you will ever learn to trust again. They teach you to heal slowly and steadily, restoring your heart piece by piece until you find yourself in someone else’s embrace. Over time, they quell your doubts, showing you that your shattered heart will not feel fractured forever, reassuring you that you will discover the pure, deep love you’ve sought for a lifetime.

You slog through every day feeling nothing but the crushing weight of heartache, wondering why the universe placed such tremendous pain within you. But as you wallow in your suffering, your heartbreak will change you, fostering self-preservation, growth, and fulfillment, gently healing you until you are whole again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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