Maybe You’re Better Off Without Them

Maybe You’re Better Off Without Them

You thought they were your perfect match, the answer all your prayers, the certainty to all your doubts. You held your hopes in their hands, trusting that they wouldn’t let your dreams slip away like grains of sand. But one rainy night, they slipped away from you, shielding your dreams under their coat, leaving you with nothing but a broken heart.

Your heart aches for them every night as the rain drums against your window. As you lie in wait of them, they color your dreams in navies and grays. But when you wake up to the sunshine streaming against your shoulders, you finally realize that maybe, you are better off without them.

Without them, you will grow. You will learn to untie yourself from them, to remember that though you were theirs, you have always been your own. You will realize that losing them does not rob you of your capacity for love, your potential for success, your desire for stability. You will rediscover your tender heart, your pure soul, your joyful spirit.

Without them, you will heal. You will relieve your anxieties, the constant fears that maybe, you will never be good enough for anyone. You will discover that you are wanted, pursued for everything they blindly left behind — your whole heart, your brilliant mind. You will soothe your tired body and weary heart, regaining the hope and strength they took from you.

Without them, you will move on. You will no longer let the pain in your heart overtake you when they cross your mind. You will learn to forget them, to consciously try to erase any remaining traces of them from your life. You will finally find yourself eager to embrace an open-hearted future full of happiness, love and opportunity, to fall in love with choosing someone new.

They’ll hold a shred of your heart forever as you think back on the rainy night when they escaped you with your hopes and dreams carefully buried beneath their coat. But every morning, as the sunshine warms your shoulders, you’ll remember that maybe, you’re better off without them.

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