If You Keep Looking For Something Wrong, You Will Eventually Find It

If You Keep Looking For Something Wrong, You Will Eventually Find It

You wonder why all the beautiful pieces of your life break; shattering around you, falling to the ground like the dusty remains of the hope you carried. You can never seem to understand why all of life’s misfortunes fall onto you; creating faint cracks in your heart, remaining with you for an eternity. But perhaps, you are looking towards the dark side of the moon instead of at the golden rays of the sun.

You prod every fragile blessing in your life until it cracks in your delicate hands. You douse the fleeting remains of opportunity in tears as you wish for something more: a love that lasts, a job that fulfills, a hope that stays. But if you keep looking for something wrong in everything and everyone you hold dear, you will eventually find it, and your life will remain dreary forevermore.

You sob over the job you worked diligently to earn once you discover that the office is a little too chilly and your lunch always mysteriously disappears. You wish your partner were taller, more understanding, more romantic. You wish you weren’t so unlucky as misfortunes seem to pile up around you.

But you are blessed, and your obsession with perfection is holding you back.

If you continue to long for more in every opportunity you receive, if you seek out imperfections in every aspect of your life, your jaded attitude will crumble away the good in all you know and love.

Instead of harping on the negative aspects of every blessing in your life, seek out the positive. Strive to focus on what fulfills you, not what you wish you could change. You will emerge refreshed in mind and body as you grow to accept and love every piece of your life. You will rediscover happiness; the pure, simple joy of loving your life as it is. You will free yourself from the confines of your own mind as you yearn for nothing but the riches of the present.

Reconnect with the perfectly imperfect blessings that imbue your life with warmth and light. If you keep looking for something wrong, you will eventually find it, so adhere to a path of positivity and you will no longer carry the shards of broken riches in your delicate hands. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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