Hold On — Life Is Going To Give You So Much More Than This

Hold On — Life Is Going To Give You So Much More Than This

You’re drowning; suffocating as life clenches your throat, stumbling through a murky well of problems as you pray that this is the end. You wish the ocean would swallow you, the fumes would extinguish you, the universe would carry you to the clouds. But this – the relationship that left you in tears, the job that refused to recognize your worth, the prayer without an answer in sight – is not the end.

Hold on, because life is going to give you so much more than this.

Life will deliver you love again. It will cleanse your heart; absolving you of the tears in which you drowned, rescuing you from the shards in which you sank. You will discover a pure, true love again; a love that makes your heart race with joy as you touch their soft skin and your world stand still as you kiss their tender lips. You will no longer ache from your fractured heart’s resonant pain as they heal your deepest wounds; restoring your belief in love.

Life will wrap you in security again. It will provide you with everything that fulfills you; imbuing you with hope, blessing you with abundance. You will realize that even as you feel yourself sinking; yearning for reprieve with no resolution in sight, life will carry you out of the murky waters, bolstering you until you discover your destiny. You will no longer wallow in self-doubt as the doors close; you will discover that life will meet you with open arms once you’ve sunk to your lowest in the ebony pit.

Life will fulfill your wildest dreams again. It will enrapture your heart; caressing you as you discover its concealed wonders. You will understand that even as you pray to any divine being who will listen, wishing your way out of the struggles that consume you, life will carve out a path that will stun you in its sheer refinement. You will no longer cry over the dashed dreams of years past; you will embrace the present’s riches as your fantasies begin to unfold before you.

You feel as though you’re drowning; sinking into a sea of instability as you yearn for answers. But life is preparing to pull you to rescue; to leave you awash in a world of hope and light. You fear that you will spiral deeper into the weight of your struggles; sinking further into your pit of self-doubt, but life is building a path to your dreams. Hold on through your tears — life is going to give you so much more than the problems currently holding you down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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