This Is The Kind Of Breakup You Deserve

The breakup you deserve will bring closure. Your unanswered questions will be answered, despite how painful hearing the answers may be. The breakup should not leave you feeling blind-sighted. You shouldn’t be strung along for months after they’ve met someone else while they wait to decide between the two of you. They should leave you with an explanation, regardless of the circumstances ending the relationship. Both of you should be bold enough to address your issues in the relationship, and have the courage to listen intently to both sides. Both people involved should leave the relationship with a sense of closure. You should know why the relationship ended. Without closure, you build walls within yourself and carry baggage into future relationships.

The breakup you deserve will bring peace. You will be left with the peace of knowing this person was not meant for you. The breakup is not a reflection of your self-worth. It is simply the closing of a chapter in the story of your life. You will feel at peace knowing you loved them the best you possibly could. Nothing you could’ve said or done could’ve prevented the relationship from ending. All we can do is love to the best of our ability, and hope our love is reciprocated. If it isn’t, it simply means we haven’t yet found the right person to love unconditionally.

The breakup you deserve will leave you feeling loved. A person should be able to explain to you that while they truly did love you, the relationship was simply not the right fit for them. They won’t spend time smearing you to their friends and family. They won’t belittle you, criticize you, or make you feel terrible about yourself for no reason. If they are mature, they will be able to understand that breakups are one of the risks we take when we choose to enter a relationship. When we begin a relationship, we have no way of knowing at the beginning what we find ourselves knowing towards the end. Once a breakup becomes inevitable, both people are usually sensing it even if one person doesn’t want to admit it.

A person who truly loves you will be able to admit while they did love you deeply, they are choosing to continue their journey without you. They will remind you of the good times you have had together, and how nothing will ever replace those memories. A breakup is simply a chance to end the wrong story and start writing the next chapter. Unfortunately, breakups are difficult to navigate and rarely end on positive terms. The breakup you deserve will leave you feeling better for having lost love, than have never loving at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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