Read This When You Don’t Feel Like You’re Enough

Read This When You Don't Feel Like You're Enough
Matheus Ferrero

You are enough to have your own voice. You are allowed to ask for what you want. You shouldn’t feel pressured to silence yourself to make someone else more comfortable. You are allowed to speak up when someone is hurting you. You are allowed to share your feelings without fearing what will happen if you do. You are allowed to speak up against things that you do not feel are right. You are allowed to process your feelings as they pass freely through you.

You are enough to let go of someone’s opinion of you. Opinions are simply thoughts and feelings that come from inside of another person. They are fluid and ever changing. You never know exactly where a person is at in their own life when they voice an opinion about you. For this reason you should never let someone’s opinion (good or bad) define you.

You are enough for good morning texts and goodnight kisses. You are enough for long conversations about life and short chats about nothing. You are enough for stolen glances across crowded rooms and locked eyes in the dark. You are enough for long hugs and slow kisses. For belly laughs and tiny giggles. You are enough for a night out on the town and a lazy Sunday snuggling on the couch.

You are enough to be with the person who will care for you greatly. Who will let you deep inside of them and respect you enough to apologize when they’re wrong. They will be accountable for their mistakes and will work to improve for the sake of the relationship. They will earn your trust by never hiding things from you. Their actions will make you feel secure in your relationship with them. They will make time for you and prioritize you in their life. They are enough for you, too. They are enough for you even when you might not see eye to eye. They are enough to continue to support you even as you move through difficult times together. They are enough to learn from things that might not be working and move towards solutions that will.

You are enough to face any challenge that comes your way. You have survived everything that has ever happened to you in life so far and you will continue surviving. You are strong enough to overcome the obstacles in your way and move past them. You are brave. You are resilient. You will continue to thrive even when it seems like there is no hope.

You are enough to be forgiven for your mistakes. You are enough to not punish yourself with never ending guilt. You are enough to move away from the pain of your past and move forward into the brightness of your future. Your past is not a life sentence that you are required to serve forever. You are enough for all of the happiness and joy this life has to offer. Even when you don’t feel like it, always remember that you are doing enough and you are enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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