104 Little Happy Moments In Life We All Need To Appreciate More


1. Waking up with good hair.

2. Watching raindrops “race each other” down windows.

3. When things just somehow manage to work out.

4. When plans you were dreading get cancelled.

5. Looking through old journals from when you were young.

6. When two songs you love play back to back on the radio.

7. That quick squeeze from the other person at the end of a hug.

8. Receiving snail mail.

9. When you’ve finished a really good book and you just put it down on your lap and stare into space for a couple minutes because you need to collect yourself and return to reality.

10. Surprises. Good surprises.

11. Being awake when everyone else is asleep.

12. Genuinely candid laughing photos.

13. Being able to breathe through your nose after having a cold.

14. A comfortable silence.

15. Unexpected presents or gifts.

16. Continuous green lights.

17. Listening to old songs and being able to remember all the lyrics.

18. Those rare, perfectly timed naps that leave you feeling refreshed and not groggy.

19. Waking up before your alarm goes off.

20. Being in a great mood for no reason at all.

21. Someone telling you you were in their dream.

22. Someone messaging you out of the blue to say they miss you.

23. When little kids make you crafts or artwork.

24. Handwritten letters.

25. Realizing you share a birthday with someone.

26. Old home movies.

27. Crisp, fresh air.

28. When someone says you smell nice.

29. Late night heart-to-hearts.

30. Discovering your clothes have pockets.

31. Laughing so hard when telling a story you can barely make it to the end.

32. The weight lifted off your shoulders after you clean your room.

33. Someone telling you you’re funny.

34. Bubble baths.

35. Being cuddled in bed when it’s raining outside.

36. When someone plays with your hair.

37. Breakfast in bed.

38. Listening to someone with a contagious laugh.

39. The post-workout high.

40. Sleeping in your own bed after traveling.

41. Putting in new contact lenses.

42. Watching good movie trailers before the movie.

43. When your pet greets you when you come home.

44. The relief you experience when someone whose name you forgot introduces him or herself to your friend.

45. Being told you made someone’s day.

46. Being able to rub your eyes because you’re not wearing mascara.

47. Exploding with laughter after holding it in.

48. Getting rid of your hiccups.

49. Silencing the microwave before it starts beeping.

50. Finding out someone has the same weird quirks as you.

51. The smell of fire during the wintertime.

52. When you’re starving and you see the waiter bringing your food over to your table.

53. Getting birthday texts from people you haven’t spoken to in a while.

54. Hearing someone refer to you as their friend for the first time.

55. Using brand new pens.

56. Changing into sweatpants after a formal event.

57. Falling asleep immediately.

58. When your online purchase finally arrives at your house.

59. When someone wants to take a picture with you.

60. When your dentist tells you you don’t have any cavities.

61. Looking at photos of your parents from when they were younger.

62. Holding hands.

63. When the lights dim right before a movie starts.

64. Seeing people use something you gave them.

65. Spotting your luggage at baggage claim.

66. Reading people’s text messages in their voice.

67. Making eye contact with the person you were looking for in a crowd.

68. The *sparkling* feeling you get after taking off a facial mask.

69. When you drop your phone and it doesn’t shatter.

70. Reviewing the past year and realizing how far you’ve come.

71. Successfully scavenging for those extra fries at the bottom of the bag.

72. Listening to a new song on repeat until you’re sick of it.

73. Overcoming writer’s block.

74. When you’ve just shaved your legs and you climb into a bed of fresh sheets.

75. Hearing the story of how people met.

76. When someone remembers the things you like.

77. Huddling around a warm drink on a cold day.

78. A quick buffering time for an online video.

79. Listening to a great story.

80. Telling a great story.

81. When something you’ve been dreading turns out to be okay.

82. Letting someone merge into your lane and seeing their “thank you” wave.

83. Being told you’re good at what you love doing.

84. Pouring milk into your coffee and watching it swirl.

85. When you can execute a pull-through while parking.

86. Fighting a bubble of giggles when you remember something funny in public.

87. Reconciling with someone after a stressful fight.

88. Long drives in the car.

89. Finally getting the water out of your ear after swimming.

90. When someone calls you their best friend for the first time.

91. When there’s no line for a public restroom.

92. Having friends who are good listeners.

93. When your friend calls you right as you were about to call them.

94. When you realize your underwear and bra are matching and you didn’t plan it.

95. The anticipation of an upcoming long weekend.

96. Listening to a certain song and feeling like you’re in a movie.

97. Looking at all the holiday decorations and getting excited for the upcoming season.

98. Losing track of time because of how much fun you’re having.

99. When the subway doors stop right in front of you.

100. Watching dogs stick their heads out of car windows.

101. Really helpful customer service.

102. Being accepted into a new group of friends.

103. When someone messages you a story or an article because they thought of you while reading it.

104. Experiencing those “I love my life!!!!” moments. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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