6 Types Of Selfies You Can Take To Show Off How Hot You Are

Self love: let’s do this. If you are reading this, you are hot. Forget whatever you might think about yourself for a moment (if you think you’re ugly that is. If you already think you’re hot then we’re ready to roll), and just listen to me because I know what I’m talking about: you look great. Here’s how you can enhance your hotness with some DIY selfie tricks.

1. The “I Woke Up Like Dis” Selfie

You look hot in the morning. In the dim light of your bedroom, with your puffy lips, the blood drawn away from your face to give you a perfect complexion, you are an awakened Sleeping Beauty. Your selfie of this moment is a public service–not everyone is lucky enough to see your fresh faced morning glow. Give them the chance to see true beauty shine.

2. The “My Friends Are Uggo” Selfie

When your friends look bad in photos it will make you look even hotter than you already are. If they are your true friends they will understand and allow you to post such photos publically. It’s called “taking one for the team”.

3. The “I’m Pulling An Ugly Face But It’s Still Hotter Than Your Normal Face” Selfie

You know how Cara Delevingne pulls dumb faces in her selfies and still looks smokin’ hot? THAT. Everyone will know you are truly hot when you can be ugly and cute at the same time.

4. The “My Significant Other Is Hotter Than Justin Theroux So That Means I’m Hotter Jennifer Aniston By Default” Selfie

If you have a hot boyfriend/girlfriend, post lots of selfies of the two of you together, because their hotness just serves to make you hotter. I mean, if you weren’t hot, would you be able to get someone that hot to go out with you? Doubt it.

5. The “Oh This Silly Thing? That’s Just My Work Out Body” Selfie

After you work out, your blood is pumping and your muscles are all bulgy. Don’t waste a second before taking a mirror selfie of your abs. Workouts are nature’sl photoshop, but better, because the enhanced results might be temporary, but they are REAL. (Note: You can add a touch of humility by saying something wanky about your exercise plan and clean eating so it looks more like this is about health and self-improvement than simply about how hot you look.)

6. The “ANTM Smize-Found The Light-Here’s My Neck-Tooch” Selfie

If you don’t want to go to the elaborate lengths above to show off how friggin’ hot you are, you can go for something more simplistic. Do your best Tyra Banks, get your face at its most perfect angle, bring the intensity to your stare and/or posture, and snap away until you’re satisfied that you’ve done justice to how hot you are. God speed! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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