When The Reaper Comes For You, Pray That It’s Not In These 25 Brutal Ways

According to Ask Reddit, these are the most brutal ways to die.

Skull that suffered a brutal death
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1. Being executed for a crime you didn’t commit

“Being executed for a crime you didn’t commit.

There are lots of terrifying ways to die, but for me the worst would be dying in a cold, sterile room after of languishing in solitary confinement, long abandoned by friends and family, staring into the furious eyes of people who WANT to watch me die, and the only thing that breaks the YEARS of asking why won’t anyone BELIEVE me? is realizing the nanoseconds of fading consciousness as the anesthetic takes hold are my last.” — jason_stanfield

2. Getting walking ghost syndrome

“Walking Ghost Syndrome happens when you’re exposed to a certain amount of radiation. The radiation kills your bone marrow but not much else. You get sick for a few days due to sepsis from all the dead bone marrow, then seem to get better, but your life now has a quite literal deadline; with no bone marrow, your red blood cells and immune system aren’t getting replenished so once you run out, that’s it.

You basically have about a month (give or take) in which you feel fine but are definitely going to die.” — Notmiefault

3. Being tortured to death

“All the old ways of being tortured to death. Crucifixion, being quartered, death by a thousand cuts, burned at the stake (usually involves other terrible shit), keelhauling (being dragged from the front of the ship to the back under water and pulled tight so your being scraped across the bottom of the ship), impaled, flaying and someone else already said scaphism but ya that is nasty.” — skolsohard

4. Being diagnosed with rabies

“Rabies. You suddenly can’t drink water. You get physically ill if you think about drinking water. You dehydrate and go insane until you go into a coma and die.” — TopHatJohn

5. Being trapped in a narrow passage

“Being trapped in a narrow passage, unable to move. A cave, a chimney, or any confined space. You’ll live for a long while if there’s enough air, knowing that there’s no getting out. And the most horrible part is that this is kinda common.” — Fandorin

6. Drowning in ants

“I tried to find more info but I couldn’t remember the specific species but I heard about these ants in South America that are attracted to alcohol. Multiple people a year die because they pass out drunk and these ants swarm their lungs and they suffocate. Essentially they drown. In ants.


In ants.

Fuck all that.” — ThatDamnBum 

7. Having a neurodegenerative disease

“Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc… pretty much any disease that progressively turns you into a living vegetable or takes away your identity from you every second you spent living. Not only do you suffer for years, but so do those around you who have to watch you lose you. For years. Fuck that.” — duckufuck

8. Being locked in a room

“Being locked in a room, while the walls are slowly, like really fucking slowly closing in on you. When the walls eventually do crush you, you feel the immense pressure being put on your body and your bones cracking. Just imagine being in this room waiting for the walls to eventually kill you.” — Blast000

9. Drifting along in the ocean

“Drifting in the middle of the ocean. No food. No water. No anything. Just you alone with your thoughts until you’re either eaten by a shark or you die of dehydration.” — weirdshtlikethat 

10. Drowning inside of a boat

“I didn’t care much for ‘Pearl Harbor’ the movie, but there is one shot I can’t get out if my head. Boat is sinking, water is rising, some kid is stuck in a room just saying, ‘I don’t want to die I don’t want to die!’ That extra really nailed his moment, was terrifying.” — Contende311

11. Falling alone in your house

“Alone in your house. Imagine falling down. You break your hip or something and can’t get back up. You don’t have a phone or any way to let someone know you need help. Instead of being in a horrifying situation that ends quickly, you are dying slowly over the course of a few days, inches from a phone which could bring you the aid you needed.” — my_Favorite_post

12. Waking up inside your coffin

“Waking up in your coffin as you are being lowered into your grave. You hear the burial ceremony going on but you can’t make enough sound for them to hear you.” — KapiteinStrijkijzer

13. Being mauled by a bear

“Being mauled by a bear. They’re not very good at killing you before they start eating you.” — CrackPipeQueen

14. Being murdered in front of your family

“Gonna sound dark, but it would be being murdered in front of my family not knowing what said people would do to my family after.” – TickTickDud

15. Dying during a collision

“Maybe this is because it really hits home for me, but reading about the USS Fitzgerald and USS John S. McCain collisions in the past few months. 17 total Sailors died from the collisions, from either being trapped in their beds, too injured to escape, and drowned.

I’m on a destroyer in the Navy, I sleep in the same exact berthing where the McCain got hit, and it terrifies me to no end that one of the only places on the ship I can go to relax and try to get away from it all, can become my coffin in a split second.” — Afrohatch

16. Falling into a black hole

“Falling into a black hole.

Time does weird shit as you get closer to the singularity. From your point of view, you’ll be pulled apart (or more likely die when your space-ship gets pulled apart) over the course of minutes or hours. But it might actually take millions of years from an outside observer.” — peon47

17. Being stuck upside down

“To die from being upside down for too long and unable to move. A guy got stuck in the cave hole his legs above his head and wasn’t able to move his entire upper body. First responders came, police came, they tried to help but the hole was too narrow and only one person at a time could fit there to try to get him out. They drilled hooks and stuff to tie his legs and yank him out but the structure broke and his position became even more uncomfortable. Hours later his body fluids started to fill up his lungs and brain and he started to lose consciousness. But he was able to talk to his rescuers and he cried and begged them to help him but no one could do anything. They even passed down the phone to him so he can talk to his wife and daughter. Scariest part is that even after he died after spending almost two days on his head they were not able to retrieve his body and had to pour down cement to close the hole instead. It also happened right before Thanksgiving, he was visiting his family for holidays. Just thinking about this story makes me extremely claustrophobic. There are a lot of sources and even live video reports of this. Google John Jones Nutty Putty cave.” — ustric

18. Being murdered during sex

“After watching Gerald’s Game I’d have to say during sex while your SO is tied up. I’d hate to die in a sexual situation let alone with my SO tied up in the middle of the woods in a cabin just laying there looking at my dead body. Shit would be awful, man.” — SpaceVertigo

19. Falling to your death

“Probably falling several thousand meters without passing out on your way down. Seeing the ground aproach and knowing you are fucked.” — BoudKabouter

20. Being buried alive

“Buried alive in a collapsed building.” — MarsNirgal

21. Experiencing a plane crash

“Plane crash. You can see it coming but can’t stop it.” — Freeiheit

22. Being exposed to radiation

“Like Hisashi Ouchi, who was exposed to radiation and then kept alive while losing 20 liters of fluids a day.” — lnig0Montoya

23. Being lost underwater

“Lost underwater in cavernous tunnels. No light, slowly running out of oxygen, and not knowing how to get out. Bonus points if it’s a tight squeeze.” — Ocean_Snipe7

24. Being boiled alive

“I heard that boiled is one of the worst way to die, imagine the floating skin.” — Eduardoelote

25. Floating alone in space

“Floating in space, 5 inches from safety but unable to ever reach it.” — thehonestyfish Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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