What Everyone Desperately Wishes You’d Stop Doing, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Matt Evan
Matt Evan

INFP: Acting like your dark, brooding thoughts make you superior to other people because you’re deeper and more complex than they are.

ENTJ: Constantly trying to organize everyone else’s lives and futures for them when absolutely nobody asked you to.

ISTP: Being so intensely cynical about everything that it’s exhausting just to be in your presence.

INFJ: Living your entire life atop a high horse of statistical rarity, as if that means absolutely anything.

ENTP: Needing other people to constantly praise and adore you for doing things so unconventionally and differently.

INTP: Constantly talking down to everyone, just to prove that you’ve read more books than they have.

ESFJ: Treating everyone around you like they’re a huge baby who’s incapable of feeding or providing for themselves even when they’re full, grown-ass adults.

ENFP: Expecting everyone to be as excited as you are about today’s new BIG EXCITING PLAN when we all know you’ll have forgotten all about it by this time tomorrow.

INTJ: Talking to everyone like you’re a wise sage from the future, sent back in time to lecture them on the foolishness of their actions and thoughts.

ENFJ: Basically getting off on other peoples’ emotional trauma.

ESTP: Acting like you are eternally at a fraternity kegger, no matter how old you get.

ESTJ: Constantly. Lecturing. Everyone. About everything. All of the time. Without ever stopping to catch your breath or consider your audience.

ISTJ: Acting morally superior to everyone even though your moral values are stuck in the 50s at best.

ISFJ: Expecting everybody to be able to read your mind and just know when you’re uncomfortable or upset.

ISFP: Taking everything So. Damn. Personally. (The world does not revolve around you)

ESFP: Needing more affirmation and attention than literally every other personality type put together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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