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All My Ex-Drug Dealers

The second-to-last time I saw Darnelle I was going to buy a large quantity of weed from one of his connects because mine was out of town and he set me up to get robbed. The last time I saw him he gave me ~200 Xanax (~1/4th the value of the money he stole from me) and apologized.

The First Time I Took A Girl To The Movies

The movie time was established through a series of AOL Instant Messenger and text messages. Her buddy profile, in large pink font, read “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number,” which, in retrospect, seems incredibly strange, especially for a 16 year old, but when one is going through puberty most everything can be overlooked or ignored in the name of a potential make-out session.

300-Pound Former Correctional Officer Featured In GQ Magazine

Rapper Rick Ross – who stole his name from “Freeway” Rick Ross, the real Rick Ross, a former drug kingpin from Los Angeles – was featured in the most recent issue of GQ, where he boasted about his lavish lifestyle, “street cred,” and other things.

Gucci Mane Heading Back To Prison

The 31-year-old rapper/CEO, who was recently released from Fulton County prison this past July for a number of probation violations brought on by an arrest for driving on the wrong side of the road, plead guilty on Tuesday to “two counts of battery, two counts of reckless conduct, and one count of disorderly conduct for pushing a woman out of his Hummer on January 28.”

Marijuana-Laced BBQ Sauce To Be Sold In Colorado Restaurants

Hot Sauce Williams, a Cleveland-based restaurant that garnered national attention last year when celebrity chef Michael Symon spoke highly of their ribs and sauce on television, has decided to expand to Colorado and introduce a new menu item: Barbeque sauce infused with marijuana.