8 Types Of Girls That Make A Fully Balanced Friend Group

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It’s no secret that girls like to travel in packs or at the very least duos. We gals like to surround ourselves with girlfriends for every occasion but what outsiders might not realize is just how different each girlfriend is from one another. Girlfriends are appealing for various reasons and here a just a few of the types of girlfriends every gal has.

1. The Fun One

This girlfriend is the ideal friend you want around all the time because she is just so much fun. This girl can turn a simple sleepover into a night you’ll never forget simply by being herself. She always makes you laugh and you know that when you need cheering up she is the friend you will call. Sometimes you wish she would tone it down just a bit because she a tendency to consume all the air in the room but you know she is just being herself. You wish all your friends could be as fun as her but appreciate that she is one-of-a-kind.

2. The Naïve One

This girlfriend tends to be the judgmental, oblivious friend that you like 60% of the time and tolerate the other 40% of the time. She is usually the sweetest friend you have but that also means she is normally the most innocent friend you have. Innocence can be great but whenever you make a mistake, like sleeping with your ex or drinking so many gin and tonics you blackout, you hesitate to tell her. But when she isn’t judging you for your misdeeds you two actually have a really great time together. Plus, she’s really gullible which means you can screw with her like all the time.

3. The Bitchy One

This is usually the girlfriend you have known the longest and even though she is a bitch, it would be weird to stop being her friend so you two are still going strong. Backhanded compliments are her specialty and she’s a straight up bitch to everyone, including you every now and then, but she always has your back. Despite being an ice queen she is loyal to the people she actually cares about and, although it doesn’t seem like it all the time, you know she loves you as much as you love her.

4. The Flirty One

This is the girlfriend you have to be a little careful with your man around. She goes through men like you go through air and even though you two are friends her boundaries are a bit blurry. She’s a ton of fun to be around but she is definitely the diva of your friend group. When it’s just you two she’s a little more chill but introduce a man to her and you find yourself feeling more like a babysitter who has to keep her from doing something stupid. But she has this charm you can’t resist and even though it can be work to be her friend you know you could never walk away from her.

5. The Motherly One

This girlfriend is similar to the naïve girlfriend in the sense that she can be a bit judgmental but she is most definitely not innocent or gullible. She sees right through your excuses and will call you out on your mistakes in a heartbeat. She always give you the most practical advice and begs you to do things her way because she knows best. You know her heart is always in the right place so even though she can be a little condescending you allow it to slide. Besides you know if you ever need help covering up a crime she’ll be right there beside you hiding the evidence.

6. The Lucky One

This is the girlfriend you can’t help but be jealous of. She seems to have everything working out for her; a great boyfriend, a new job, a cute puppy, etc. This chick seems to have everything you want and some things you never even knew you wanted. Deep down you are proud of her successes and try to support her, but you wish for once you could get something she didn’t already have. When you two hang out you always make sure to mention the cool things happening to you. Typically this friend is unaware of just how much you compare yourself to her and she tends to be super sweet; just another thing to love about her.

7. The Wild One

This is the girlfriend you can’t help but worry about because she is constantly throwing herself into new and dangerous situations. She is a great friend to have because she gets you out of your comfort zone and when you’re living on the edge of getting arrested, life is pretty exciting. She tends to be the girlfriend who marches to the beat of her own drum so her style and attitude are supremely unique. There’s always a state of shock that hits when she opens her mouth but you know you’d be such a bore without her.

8. The Chill One

This is the girlfriend you call when all your other friends are stressing you out and you just want to unwind. There is never any drama with her and she is really down to do whatever you suggest. She is the friend you stay in your pajamas all day with while you two eat pizza and have Netflix marathons. She tends to be the best listener in the group and always offers solid advice. She’s usually the least productive girl in the group meaning she is one of your favorites because you know she is always available for a good hangout sesh. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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