43 Of The Most Perfect Songs From ‘How I Met Your Mother’


During last night’s series finale of How I Met Your Mother, the very last scene – while understandably controversial among fans – got at least one thing right: the song, “Heaven” by the Walkmen. It was perfect. Not that we should be surprised – of all the things HIMYM has done well, making flawless music choices was possibly the most crucial. The show was never too heavy-handed with their song selections; it never leaned on the music.

Whether it was a well-loved classic, an obscure indie track, or “Murder Train“, HIMYM knew how to skillfully use a song as a punchline, a bridge, or an emotional punctuation mark. The soundtrack worked with the storyline in that seamless way that very few shows can pull off. I mean, the songs and their use could be a little sentimental, pretentious, and emotional at times but, then again, so could the characters. TC Mark

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