This Anti-Skipping School Ad Is The Most Disturbing Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Okay, a few words of warning: This “Stay In School” PSA* is fucked all the way up. It is graphic. It is not safe for work. It really nailed the whole “carefree, I love life, pretty, white Tumblr kid” aesthetic. Like, these are the kids who are high risk for contracting affluenza. Anyway, this video is bonkers and Australia is a weird place and god bless their twisted hearts.


*Yeah, upon further investigation, the whole “PSA” thing is bullshit the filmmakers created to support this video. But whatever, still good gore-candy. And a lot of the internet seems to be believing that Learn For Life is a real non-profit, which is hilarious. Gotta respect that troll hustle. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

School is a waste of time though. Read about it here.

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