50 Of The Most Disturbing, Stomach Churning Things That Have Happened On The Internet

50 Of The Most Disturbing, Stomach Churning Things That Have Happened On The Internet

Sometimes the internet is a scary place. Just ask these people from Ask Reddit. 

1. I wound up chatting with someone online about the ethics of cannibalism. It was an engaging chat – he was intelligent and well-spoken, and I like to try and examine taboos and figure out what’s unethical about them and if they can be safely explored with the harmful element removed. We agreed on a bunch of stuff, and it was obvious he was educated and enthusiastic about the subject.

And, fuck, that was Luka Magnotta, a murderer. This was before he dismembered his boyfriend, but now I gotta live with that memory.

2. Once I was doing some Amazon shopping on my laptop while my infant played with his toys. Suddenly a deep, angry, male voice crackled through the laptop speakers saying “STOP IGNORING ME.” I logged off, shut down, and closed the laptop. Totally freaked me out.

The only webpage I had open was Amazon, so it couldn’t have been an ad or video. I also didn’t have the TV or radio on. I wondered who was watching us.

I’m pretty sure that house was haunted – we lived there for 2 years and a lot of strange things happened while we were there.

3. I was into emo chicks…at least somewhat during early high school. I followed a few on tumblr. One day on the main feed this girl was asking for recipes that go well with human flesh.

People actually responded with spices, techniques and stuff. I go on their tumblrs and it’s filled with soft-gore, zombie stuff like the walking dead gifs etc, and bdsm.

4. I think last year, two guys live streamed killing another guy via facebook…it was a major story in slovenia, the event being watched by a few 1k people….insane, knowing it was live.

5. One time on an old tumblr blog I used to have, someone just kind of, sent me my IP and home address in an anonymous ask. The only other text was ‘Prepare’. Nothing ever happened, but it scared me real bad.

6. It’s 2016 and I am Playing League of Legends with randoms (pretty scary, right?).

I picked mid lane and another player, after I locked in my pick decided they were going to just take mid-lane and was going to troll the game if I didn’t give in.

If you don’t play League, in a situation like this you had to play back then for 20 minute before you could vote to forfeit the game unless the enemy team was really good and could somehow end before then.

So, for wasting my time, I verbally poked this player the whole game and it rolled off him until I said:

“You can play at stuff like this all you want, I want you to know though, stuff like this will never make your dad love you.”

That was it. I found an open wound in this strangers life and poured molten salt into it. Replies came in all caps – barely coherent. He wasn’t even playing anymore – just spewing rage solely at me.

I enjoy a good jab – but this wasn’t what I was going for. I was hoping more for “Fuck you man, you don’t know me.” and then moving on. Before the match is over, I cede that I was wrong to go there, this clearly triggered them more than shit-talk in a multiplayer game should and I apologize stating that I was wrong to say that

“I love people, and that’s not indicative of how I live my life – I’m sorry. I love people and I love you.”

The game ends.

20 minutes later my cell phone rings “Private Number” or something to that effect. A voice on the other side screams at me…

“Fuck you. Fuck your love.”

Noped out of LoL for a few years after that. Created a new account. Still the creepiest online encounter of my life.

7. There was an instagram account that posted pics of dead babies and failed births and videos of abusing children.

Kind of traumatized.

8. Got an email from what appeared to be a phone number (SMS or something, i am not sure) that i did not recognize. All it said was…

I’m still alive.

Thats it. I decided to do that smart thing and delete it and try to avoid any potential situation that reminds me of the beginning of a horror movie.

9. Also the Per “Dead” Ohlin stuff. Warning NSFL. Fucked up band with fucked up views, main band member commits suicide and the band members take a picture of it and use it as their album cover. The bands views on a lot of shit were really fucked

10. I was following the live twitter feed of that guy that shot the reporter while she was live in the woods a few years ago. A few min after it happened on TV, his angle was on Twitter (in a video). Chilling

11. Years ago I was playing Diablo 2 on battle . net. In D2 you could create private games that had a password associated with them, or you could have open games that didn’t require a password.

I created a private game with a private password. The name was just random characters, and so was the password (literally just slammed random letter’s and numbers on the keyboard). I was on my way to kill Mephisto when to my surprise a level 1 wizard joined my game.

I immediately began asking them how they joined, what are they doing, etc. About a minute later they responded with these random characters (combination of English alphabet, Cyrlic, and some other stuff). In the response you could clearly make out the words “helpme”.

Almost immediately after that they left.

12. Probably this one before/after picture of a frighteningly realistic human skeleton with some parts to connect the bones on one side, and then a very strange fursuit-looking thing in the same pose as the skeleton on the other side sitting in the same chair, in the same room.

13. I was on club Penguin when I was like 8.

There was one other player (she was a pink penguin, I was a red one) who for SOME reason stalked me to no end.

No matter where I went in game, she was there.

No matter when I got online, she was there.

She was always calling me her boyfriend and saying I shouldn’t run away from my girlfriend like that (I don’t even know who the hell she was).

8 year old me was so freaked out, we got help from our sister to make a new account entirely.

14. I was in camp a few years ago and met this cute girl. Out of nowhere she picked up her phone and found an online playlist on some kind of gore website. First video was of a man exiting his burning car while screaming and his skin was melting away. Second video was a woman drowning herself in a bathtub. Third video was of a woman getting stabbed 5 times IN THE FUCKING FACE. The fourth video was of a baby getting hit by a train, and the last video was of a Russian roulette video. I left “early” to go puke.

Needless to say, I wasn’t very keen on her afterwards.

15. There’s a big major creepy thing going on right now in the furry community. The long and short of it is that there’s some very popular furries who had loads of chatlogs leaked where they talked at length about horrible shit, including but not limited to: Beastiality, necrophilia (with animal corpses), pedophilia, and human trafficking.

These logs are filled with horrible, disgusting conversations filled with all the”uwu”s and stupid furry-isms you’d normally laugh at on a regular basis.

To my knowledge, some of the people involved have been apprehended, but there are still a lot of disgusting pedos and dog fuckers from those chat logs out there in the furry community, literally preying on kids at furry cons and raping their pets after feeding them sedatives.

If you want more information on this, look up Mister Metokur on YouTube. He’s done streams talking about the issues at length and videos focusing on them.

16. I was going down a serial killer rabbit hole on the web and stumbled upon Anatoly Slivko and ACTUAL video footage of him tricking poor boys into hanging themselves.

The video made me sick.

17. I saw a video of someone trying to recreate the human centipede… it is an image that will forever haunt me.

18. This person’s comment about how they think the government is experimenting them and how they are in a low security psych ward type and they keep giving him milk from the future (based on random serial numbers off little milk cartons) and provided a picture as “proof” when it is just a blurry picture of their milk on their tray.

19. When I read the Wikipedia article for Fred and Rose West, the serial killers from Gloucestershire in the UK, who sexually abused and killed their daughters and young women.

The childhood and life of Fred was what got to me the most because it’s the kind of person you’d want to stay away from and hope law enforcement had found him sooner.

20. I sorted by «new» on popular and a post from a sub called «necrophilia» popped up. I clicked on the sub to see if it was a joke or something. Top post had a image of a seemingly dead woman naked in the woods. That image pops up in my head occautionaly. It was horrific.

21. Was playing cod and someone said my address… Not fun

22. Pretty Melt.

It’s a doujin (hentai manga) about a futanari girl (hermaphrodite) who, when ejaculates, melts the skin off people, grows in size and proceeds to eat them. To make it worse the doujin is in full colour so everything there is incredibly graphic and disturbing. I’m being completely serious, I’ve seen some weird shit online but that one takes the cake of disturbing. Don’t look it up.

23. Back when I was younger (like..probably 14 or so) and msn chat was a thing, my friend and I would go on webcam. We would chat with strangers and be the usual stupid attention whoring young teens. Luckily we were smart enough not to show anything on camera because one day, some dude PM’d us. He demanded to see boobs. Thinking we were protected behind the safety of the internet, we told him to fuck off and began to mock him.

Wrong move. He told us he knew where we lived and dropped a general location that was close enough to make us uncomfortable. Then he began to sspam us. Hundreds of PMS would pop up across the screen, freezing the computer and preventing us from logging off to stop it. Since my MSN was set to auto log in, doing a hard restart didn’t help as I wouldn’t be able to cancel the log in fast enough. No matter what time of day, hundreds of messages would flood my screen and freeze my computer.

My parents had to eventually take it into a shop and wipe it. I was in a whole lot of trouble

24. One time my ex GF from middle school started sending me pictures of me doing everyday tasks…. like getting coffee or going to the library. It would always say “hey there” or “I c u” under it. Before this, I hadent talked to her in 8 years so it creeped me out. I never respoded to them, and she just stopped sending them after 2 months. I still wonder if she is watching me sometimes.

25. I had a rather bad eating disorder, and I would frequently go on pro-ana/mia sites to get “tips”. It wasn’t creepy or gross at the time (probably because my mind was so messed up), but looking back it’s absolutely horrible and disgusting. People would post pictures of how thin they were, of their bloody wrists after they’d “punished” themselves for gaining weight. The “tips” were awful too. Like chewing on sand, cutting your tongue so it hurts to eat, I even remember a girl who pulled out one of her rotten teeth herself.

26. Columbine fan-fiction- by far left me feeling the most uncomfortable of anything I’ve read online

27. A NSFW website that claimed to be non-nude celebs. Turned out it was pictures of a Princess Diana as her body was extricated from the car in Paris.

28. A “gift giving/bug chaser” forum.

Tons of people who either wanted to give other people HIV, or contract it. There were some people bragging about “surprising” someone post-sex with the news they were now infected.

Shit is FUCKED, yo.

29. A video of a car accident I got into. It put me in the hospital for 3 months and then three years later i found it on a top 50 most terrifying car crashes as number 21.

30. Was attempting to download music videos and encountered a file that claimed it was an MP4 of a song.

Download it and surprise! Beheading video.

31. I once saw a video of a cartel torture/execution thing where I thought they were just beheading a man that was skinned but then he started moving a trying to make noise. Gave me bit of a spook.

32. An eating disorder “coach” on the proED subreddit. He tried to seduce girls and motivate their disordered eating behaviors.

33. I used to be on Google+ before moving to Reddit. Some of the people there are messed the fuck up. There was a community called PCA, stands for “Proud Cat Abusers”. People actively posted pictures of abused cats that either died in horrific ways, were killed in terrible ways, or were tortured. Everything there was disgusting gore and it was terrible. The community and it’s owner were taken down several times but each time someone else remade it. I really don’t understand that kind of messed up shit..

34. Video of little girl being stabbed to death, I will never open unknown link ever again. It seriously fucked me up for a few days. I still have slight hope it was all fake..

35. Back in the days of Myspace, I had a guy I didn’t know send me a friend request. I think I was maybe 15 or 16 at the time, so I accepted and moved on. He messaged me a couple of times but I didn’t entertain him for long. It had to be a couple of weeks later and I came across his myspace page. He had taken every single picture from MY myspace page and decorated HIS page with them. A collage of me was his page background, I was his profile picture, I was in all his posts, etc. It was all covered in graphics that said “my baby girl”, “my love”, “my everything”, he even edited himself into my pictures with other people. I FREAKED out. I have no idea who he was or where he lived but I immediately deleted my myspace account and never returned. I was convinced for a few months afterwards that he would find me somehow and it took me a long time to create a Facebook page for fear of it happening again. Creep level 1000000

36. On omegle or chatroulette when I was a kid, I would press Skip whenever there was a penis on the screen. I was Skipping pretty fast, and I didn’t realize until after I skipped it that I had just skipped past a penis and a naked femal baby. I couldn’t tell if it was a real or not because I had already skipped but I sat in shock for a few seconds and closed everything down.

37. A guy cut a hole in a chicks thigh and fucked it.

38. There used to be a site on the deep web where you could pay to watch people being tortured live. They claimed to have kidnapped and imprisoned several homeless people for this purpose. Don’t know if it was legit but the idea gave me nightmares for weeks.

39. Several years ago, before crowd funding was mainstream, I took to 4chan to try and see if anyone would donate to my PayPal so that I could afford vet expenses for my cat, who had been attacked by two pitbulls. There were probably better options for this, but I was desperate and a bit stupid.

Anyway, surprisingly it went over fairly well. I got around $200, but someone – and don’t ask me how, because I went to great lengths to hide any personal info in my “proof” pics – was able to figure out the clinic that my cat was at and posted the address in the thread.

I learned later from the vet that someone had actually called and pretended to be me, claiming that I wanted them to put my cat down.

40. A man getting his still beating heart cut out of his chest next to his decapitated friend. Or the time I clicked on a link and it opened a video of a man stabbing a tied up girl then sexually penetrating the wounds. There were two other people in the room laughing as he did it…

41. I know it gets brought up a lot here, but the ‘Ask a rapist’ thread on Reddit really freaked me out. Still amazed at how frank some of the recounts were – the lack of remorse was sickening.

42. Way back about 1996 we found hot pockets for sale on eBay. Boxes of hot pockets called “vintage” or “special” – okay, that’s weird.

But these were priced in the thousands of dollars. And they were selling, not just being posted. A whole community of eBayers was posting hot pockets for sale and buying them for thousands and thousands of dollars.
Except they weren’t. They couldn’t be. Makes no sense, unless you speculate that they were really buying and selling something else, like kilos of heroin, or children.

43. Browsing a gore site, I found the autopsy photos of my cousin’s dead girlfriend. She was in a bad single-car accident and died young.

44. I was on Instagram and I follow a few accounts that post messed up memes (nothing like this though). So before I read the caption I watched the video that he posted, the caption said it was a VERY graphic video but like I said, I didn’t see that till after. So the video was a girl wearing like really big/tall high heels. She was jamming the heel through a poor dogs eye and there were like brains coming out of the dogs mouth and it was whimpering. He said he posted it to show that animal abuse is a real thing and that it needs to stop etc. Unfollowed that account instantly and blocked it.

45. When I was very young, I played an mmorpg called Sherwood online or something like that.

I remember I was minding my own business, slaughtering giant spiders when I receive a message from what was clearly another user stating “I’m the devil and I’m coming for you…” I was legitimately frightened by this so I hopped into another server, and all of a sudden he was in my server again saying “you can’t run from me kid I’m coming for you”.

I immediately logged out and never saw or heard from this person, I think I was maybe 10-12? All I know is at the time it spooked me pretty well.

46. The size of the pro-anorexia community on Tumblr is jarring. I was in there for a few years and i’m certain I still haven’t seen all of it. It’s disgusting to me to think that so many people—most of them kids, like I was—are there contributing to one another’s illnesses.

Am doing better.

47. Bunny crush fetish video. I watched it because it couldn’t be real, it was. I’ll never forget the sound.

48. That might be mild compared to what others have seen, but the single scariest thing I’ve encountered is the thumbnail for that Russian sleep experiment video. When I first saw it, I didn’t know it was a creepypasta, so my dumb ass thought it was at least PARTIALLY real. After I’d seen that ghoul with that grin on his face, I couldn’t ‘sleep’ for a couple of nights, pun intended.

49. When I was a kid, I somehow got spyware installed on my computer that gave someone remote access. The guy tried to steal my info, found out that it was a kids computer and had no info of value, then they tried to mess with me. He went and opened up a text document and told me that he was a ghost who was haunting the house I was in. As a kid, it was pretty scary.

50. This random 30 something year old guy randomly messaged me on facebook a few years ago and asked how I was. When I asked him who he was and how he knew me he replied with “what?? You don’t remember me?” “Don’t pretend like you don’t know who I am” etc etc. Totally confused, I stalked his profile and realized he was definitely NOT someone I knew. Then all of a sudden he goes,

“How is your mom and insert brothers name here?

This terrified the crap out of me because my brother is NOWHERE on my profile (We both have each other blocked lol) and there was no way this guy could’ve known my brothers name from looking thru my profile. Obviously I blocked him right away. The next day however, I get another message from a random girl ( his “friend” apparently) saying “please unblock him, he really loves you a lot” “he can’t live without you” He looked like he was 30 and I was probably 15 at the time… I blocked her right away aswell. This incident still freaks me out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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