Why Do People Love Trump?

Why Do People Love Trump? Here Are The 20 Top Reasons

Why do people like Donald Trump? After reviewing tons of online comments, we found that these are the Top 20 Reasons that Donald Trump’s supporters say they like him. Surprisingly, they’re also the same exact reasons that other people hate him!

1. He says he wants to “Make America Great Again.”

Aided by global finance and a compliant press, America’s middle and working classes have been sold down the river. Nearly all of the manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas, and what jobs remain here have seen their wages pushed down due to unrestrained immigration. America, once the shining light of the world, became a country ashamed of itself and that felt obligated to apologize to the rest of the world for being more successful than other countries. Something is deeply wrong when someone feels obligated to apologize for winning—after all, you never see that in sports. Trump wants to return us to a better time when people bragged about being American instead of apologizing for it

2. He’s a former reality-TV star.

That’s right, and an incredibly successful one at that. He was successful in TV because he’s an exceptionally persuasive communicator. He was also incredibly successful at business. He also fought not only the entire media, but almost 100% of both political parties to capture the presidency. To focus on his short stint as a reality-TV star is to ignore that he’s been incredibly successful at everything he’s ever done.

3. He’s a billionaire.

People say that like it’s a bad thing. They also say that if he had taken his inheritance (estimated at $40 million) and simply invested it, he would have even more money than he does now. If that’s the case, why aren’t his two sisters and brothers anywhere near as wealthy as he is? The fact is that for every dollar he was given, he multiplied it by one hundred. No one who criticizes him for being stupid or inept would be remotely that successful.

4. He’s a businessman and not a politician.

Exactly. Politicians are what have ruined politics. They are an inbred, corrupt, venal, shallow, power-hungry cabal of elites who only care about enriching themselves. Did you realize that six out of the nation’s ten wealthiest counties surround the Washington, DC area? And in the 2016 election, the DC area voted against Trump at a higher percentage than anywhere else in the country. That’s because he threatens their chokehold on politics. If you’re going to reform politics, you’ll need someone who isn’t a politician.

5. He hates the media.

More than anything else, the 2016 presidential election was a referendum against the media. Although they threw everything possible at him—coverage has been over 90% negative, and only a single major American newspaper endorsed him—Trump was able to win. That’s because most Americans have become acutely aware that the media are a bunch of sheltered coastal snobs who mock and scorn average Americans and tell them they “vote against their interests.” Yes, they are so arrogant that they believe they understand people’s interests better than the people themselves do. They are also so clueless that they don’t realize that people acutely perceive how much the media hates them.

6. He’s rude and mean.

As opposed to most politicians, who deliver flowery speeches and empty promises while they’re stabbing you in the back. There is so much corruption and dishonesty in politics, it’s refreshing to see someone come along who speaks what they say and cuts through the pompous bullshit that has infected our political and cultural discourse.

7. He’s not “politically correct.”

We are living in an age where most people have to bite their lips to the point of bleeding for fear of offending some delicate soul who will scream bloody murder and call the cops and press if you dare to say anything that hurts their feelings. This is mind control and tyranny of the worst form—repression of thoughts. For all that the media and academics say they want “diversity,” don’t you dare utter a contrary opinion or they will ruin your life. Then along comes Trump and says, “fuck that.”

8. He says he’s not a racist.

This has consistently been the most repeated lie about him—that he’s a racist. But when pressed for an actual racist thing he’s ever said, they come up short. They will tell you that he called all Mexicans rapists, which is not true. He simply pointed to statistics that claim up to 80% of women crossing the border were raped by the men who facilitated their journey. They say he once considered a temporary Muslim ban. But Islam isn’t a race. In fact, as a businessman, Trump had a stellar record of hiring nonwhites. And until he ran for president, rappers idolized him.

9. He says disrespectful things about women.

We live in a world where it’s OK to bash men nonstop—to call them stupid, clumsy, inept, and evil—and none of this is considered sexist. Then along comes Trump with the audacity to suggest that some women might actually be human beings rather than perpetual victims and therefore might also be stupid, clumsy, inept, and evil. For all the talk about “empowerment,” many of Trump’s female critics can’t seem to stand the slightest criticism. And despite the fact that Democrats tried rallying all women against him, he still got over 40% of the total female vote—and a majority of white women.

10. He’s against open borders.

Name a country on earth that has looser borders than America. Did you know that if you tried crossing into Mexico illegally, you might get shot or imprisoned? Do you know that every other country has far stricter immigration policies than America does? Unhinged immigration lowers wages and crams together people from incompatible cultures, which leads to alienation and conflict. If you’re not willing to surrender your house keys, you shouldn’t be able to surrender our borders, either.

11. He’s nationalist rather than globalist.

He realizes that the ex-factory worker in Ohio lost his job because it was sent to Malaysia. He knows that some banker in Brussels is more interested in increasing his stock portfolio than whether doing so will render huge swaths of the American heartland jobless and pill-addicted. He cares more about what a homeowner in Iowa thinks about him than what some sneering cosmopolite at a Parisian cocktail party thinks.

12. He didn’t sign the Paris Climate Accord.

Speaking of Paris, Trump stood alone among politicians in realizing that a lot of the “climate change” rhetoric is designed to heavily tax American industry while it lets other countries slide and keep polluting. He’s not pro-pollution, but he doesn’t want to sacrifice the American middle class in the process of fighting it.

13. He appeals to rural voters.

More than any other group, America’s rural people have been disempowered and abandoned due to the policies pushed by urban elites. They’ve seen their jobs evaporate and their local culture obliterated, only to be replaced by a Walmart and McDonald’s in every town. They also realize that most of the media and academia see them as ignorant and backwards and laughable. instead, Trump treats them with respect. If you look at an electoral map of 2016, Clinton won all the urban areas and Trump won all of the rural ones. That’s because he was the first politician in memory who didn’t sneer at them.

14. He does not think Russia is a threat.

Have you noticed how the media never criticizes China, even though they own a huge part of our debt, have been known to hack our government computers, and donated millions in illegal contributions to American elections in 2016? Have you noticed how the same journalists and academics who gaslit everyone as “paranoid” about the Soviet Union at a time when the Soviets were actually jailing dissidents and killing people in the tens of millions are suddenly certain that Russia is our greatest threat? Have you noticed that when Mitt Romney said in 2012 that Russia was our greatest enemy, Barack Obama and progressives laughed at him? Have you noticed that the press doesn’t say a word about how the Clinton Foundation made millions by arranging uranium deals for Russia? And have you noticed that no one can ever explain exactly why Russia is a threat other than some vague allegations that they were responsible for leaking damning emails by Hillary Clinton? And have you noticed how this is a deflection tactic designed to move your attention away from the fact that the problem was Clinton’s emails, not whoever leaked them?

15. He is pro-capitalism.

As opposed to being pro-socialism. Take a look at socialist Venezuela—rioting in the streets as people murder one another for scraps of foods. Take a look at the massive failures and the barbaric atrocities of every Marxist regime that has ever existed. Take a look at the incomes of workers in capitalist nations compared to socialist ones, and you’ll realize that for whatever its flaws, capitalism is vastly superior to socialism when it comes to providing for people’s basic needs.

16. He is pro-gun.

If you look at what the Founding Fathers wrote about the second Amendment, it was deigned to protect citizens from government tyranny. Do you know who took away people’s guns? Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, two of the twentieth century’s bloodiest dictators. And for all you hear about gun violence, did you realize that most gun murders are committed with illegally owned firearms? For all you hear about the NRA, can you name one NRA member who was a mass shooter? Do you realize that far more people die from opioid overdoses than from gun deaths? Trump does, which is why he focuses on the opioid crisis rather than gun confiscation.

17. He’s constantly battling with critics.

That’s because his critics are the most petulant, tantrum-throwing, eternally aggrieved diaper-wearing adults in world history. Whereas for so long it seemed that politicians were terrified to ever fight back against critics, Trump gleefully body-slams them. For all they try to mess with his head, it’s obvious he’s deep inside their heads and is loving it.

18. He gives the Republicans full control of Washington again.

For all you hear about how great Barack Obama was, do you realize that he had promised to cut the national debt in half but actually more than doubled it? That’s right—he saddled you and your descendants with a tax bill that you will likely never be able to pay off. Now, with Republicans in charge, we can roll back some of the excesses of the Obama era and encourage business growth rather than government growth.

19. He cuts government services.

In other words, he trims government fat. A lot of government workers enjoy benefits undreamed of in the common sector—pensions, vacations, and the like—that the average worker could only dream of. And what’s worse, the average worker pays for it all through taxes whether he or she wants to or not. Trump is taking government power and handing it back to the private sector.

20. He obviously thinks quite highly of himself.

Would it be better if he hated himself? He has a strong personality—so strong, the world has been speaking of him, and almost nothing but him, for the past three years. Isn’t a strong personality what you’d want in a leader?

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