Exposing The Best To Worst Girlfriends, Based On Your Birth Month


A December girlfriend is one of the most generous and loyal partners you’ll ever be with. She values honesty above all else, which makes you feel like she is so easy to trust and to be vulnerable with. And not only is she loving and giving, but she has a great sense of humor and can be incredibly light and goofy


An October girlfriend has an absolutely contagious warmth about her. Making friends is practically effortlessly for her, and she’s never short of affection or tenderness. And you’ll never get bored of talking to her, because a conversation with her can end up being funny, deep, smart, and silly all at the same time.


A July girlfriend has an irresistible spark about her. She’s open and friendly, and making others feel loved and cared about is a huge priority for her. She’s not one to actively pursue a relationship, but when she finds herself in love with someone, she’s incredibly honest, warm, and thoughtful.


A June girlfriend is full of compassion, and she’ll help you open up emotionally more than you ever have with anyone else. She’s very easy to talk to – both lighthearted and deep without ever being judgmental – and will always be able to pick up on how you’re feeling without you even having to say anything.


A March girlfriend is a very caring and affectionate partner. She’s brimming over with kindness and will always do everything in her power to cheer you up when she can sense that you’re having a hard time. She can be temperamental when she’s under a lot of stress, but otherwise, she’s always working to maintain a peaceful and calming presence for herself (and for others).


A January girlfriend is full of drive and ambition, which can sometimes be great when it comes to her relationships and at other times make things way more complicated. She’ll be a very loyal and perceptive partner, and when she wants to make the relationship work, she’ll absolutely give it her all. But when she’s somewhat uncertain and hesitant about what she’s looking for out of the relationship, she may take that anxiety and panic and channel all of her energy into her work or her outside passions in order to avoid the difficult conversations with you.


A November girlfriend, when you really get close to her, can be a very loving and rock-solid partner. However, she can also be very closed-off, detached, and stoic out of self-preservation – especially when she doesn’t feel fully emotionally invested or protected. She’s a very active and hardworking person, so if she’s not fully confident in the relationship and in your feelings or her own feelings, she may channel that energy into other projects and passionsin order to keep her heart safe.


A May girlfriend is no-doubt a very strong, supportive, and inspiring partner. She’s also very motivated and incredibly hardworking. The challenge in being her partner comes from her tendency to be quick to anger – if you disagree on something or get in a fight, she struggles to talk it out calmly and will have a hard time articulating what’s bothering her without letting her anger get in the way.


An August girlfriend can be a very romantic and affectionate partner. She’s also very inspiring, due to her natural gift for leadership and magnetism. What makes her a risky partner is that she’s all or nothing – when the relationship is going great, cool. But when it’s not all hearts and roses, she frequently panics and runs away from the problem instead of dealing with it and trusting your bond enough to work through it.


A February girlfriend is certainly exciting to be around – a free spirit with a contagious energy. However, she can be very stubborn, especially about love and about admitting when she has feelings for someone. When it comes to showing her love for you, she’s very insecure and hesitant, and always needs you to be the one putting yourself out there first.


A September girlfriend is very hard-working and confident in her own individual life, but it can be challenging to be her partner. Although she can be sympathetic one minute, she also drifts into a bad habit of being frequently critical and vocal about your shortcomings while also refusing to admit when she’s at fault in any way.


An April girlfriend has a strong personality and can be a very fun friend. But when you’re the one in a romantic relationship with her 24/7, it feels a little different. Although there are plenty of positive aspects of her strong personality, it can also get aggressive to the point where it’s her way or the highway. She’s not good at compromising, and is of the mindset that it’s her first and you second – never an even, 50-50 relationship.

January Nelson is a writer, editor, and dreamer. She writes about astrology, games, love, relationships, and entertainment. January graduated with an English and Literature degree from Columbia University.