Why Each Zodiac Hasn’t Texted You Back Yet


They read your text, thought of a reply in their head, and forgot to answer you.


They’ve been spending forever trying to craft the perfect response and aren’t sure what to say.


They drafted a bunch of replies to you but never sent a real one. They’re procrastinating because they’re perfectionists.


They don’t like texting and would rather call you. They’re waiting until they have plenty of time to talk.

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They got distracted by whatever show they were watching or book they were reading. Texting you back completely slipped their mind.


They didn’t see your message. If they did, they would have responded immediately.


They’re busy replying to a million other texts. Their inbox is overflowing, so you aren’t the only one waiting to hear back.


They’re in a bad mood and don’t want to snap. They would rather wait until they’re bright and cheery again.


They’re out doing something fun. They would rather be living life than staring at a screen.


They’re busy working and don’t have time for friends. They need to prioritize their career.


They don’t want to bother you at a bad time. They’re worried they’ll text too much and annoy you.


They aren’t replying because they’re too busy analyzing your words. They’re trying to figure out exactly what you meant. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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