This Is What Each Zodiac Sign's Ruling Planet Reveals About Them

What Each Zodiac Discovered About Themselves In Their Last Relationship


You realized you don’t have much time to dedicate to a relationship. You’re focused on more important things, like your work and your family. For now, you’re okay staying single.


You realized your standards are lower than they should be. You’re letting people take advantage of your kind heart when you should be erecting firmer boundaries to protect yourself.


You realized you aren’t sure what you want from a relationship. You’re not sure whether you’re ready to make a lifelong commitment or whether you want to continue playing the field for a while.


You realized you are willing to risk a lot for love. When you care about someone, you will do anything within your power to make them happy. You put them before yourself.

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You realized you’re the type of person who needs a lot of quality time with your partner. You can’t go long periods without seeing each other or texting each other or you’ll feel neglected.


You realized you need a lot of space in order to be happy. You don’t want to feel smothered or spend too much time together. You need your freedom, too.


You realized you haven’t gotten control of your jealousy. You cannot stand when your partner gives attention to anyone other than you and you need to work toward doing better with your jealousy in the future.


You realized you need someone who takes charge. You don’t want to make all the decisions. You want some input from your partner.


You realized you want a serious relationship. You’re ready to settle down. You just need to find the right person and you’re ready for a real commitment.


You realized you need to work on your emotional intelligence. You need to focus on yourself for a while. You need to grow before you’re ready to give your heart to someone else.


You realized you need someone with similar interests. You want a partner who will engage in your hobbies with you and watch your favorite movies with you. You don’t want to be too different.


You realized you’re bad at holding back your feelings. You’re an honest person and need someone who isn’t scared off by your intensity. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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