How Each Zodiac Sign Protects Their Heart

How Each Zodiac Sign Protects Their Heart


You act like you don’t care about anyone other than yourself. You think pretending to be heartless will help protect your heart.


You never say those three little words first. You wait for confirmation the other person shares your feelings.


You’re super careful about who you let into your social circle. If anyone crosses a line, you cut them out of your life immediately.


You move slowly in relationships. You make sure the other person is worth the trouble before you hand over your entire heart to them.


You pay more attention to your work than your relationship status. You act like you don’t care about whether you find love.


You have a long list of dealbreakers — and you won’t settle for anyone who has different morals than you. You keep your standards high.


You fall in love with everyone you meet so one person doesn’t have power over you. If someone hurts you, someone else is waiting.


You make jokes to hide your real feelings. You never have serious conversations about love.


You don’t let anyone see the real you. You hide behind walls until you feel like you can trust the other person.


You pretend you’re happy being single. You act like you prefer it this way and never admit to being lonely.


You pour all your emotions into your art instead of communicating them aloud. You express your pain through your creativity.


You keep your feelings a secret. You feel like if you don’t admit your crushes out loud then they don’t exist. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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