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Easy Spells to Complete at Home

Spell-casting is easier than you think. As long as you have a pure heart and positive energy, you should be able to cast magic spells on your own. However, sometimes candles, crystals, and pieces of paper or involved. Here are a few easy spells you can perform today:

Candles To Use:

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Most spells require candles and herbs. Here is a breakdown of which candle you should use for spell-casting:


A white candle will promote serenity and peace. It will also enhance personal strength and insight.


Black candles are used for psychic protection.


Green candles bring your ideas to life and amplify prosperity.


Blue candles connect with your chakras and any emotional wounds that need healing.


Yellow candles improve your networking and social skills.


Red candles promote love and passion.


Pink candles are for romance. They’ll welcome in love.


Purple candles boost your spiritual enlightenment and creativity.


Orange candles improve ambition, so you can broaden your horizons.


Brown candles help your health, energy, possessions, pets, endurance, and courage.

Herbs To Use:

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Here is a description of the common herbs used in spell-casting:


Sage is meant to get rid of negative energy.


Rosemary stimulates memory and helps with healing, protection, and cleansing. It also helps with love and feminine power.


Lavender will help you sleep and attract love into your life.


Roses will help you heal from negative experiences and promote self-love.


Chamomile is great for healing, relaxing, and calming down nerves.


Lemon balm is perfect for emotional healing. It can be used in ritual baths and in tea.


Basil promotes wealth, love, and fertility.


Cinnamon helps luck, love, and prosperity.


Jasmine helps happiness and spiritual love.


Juniper encourages safety, protection, love, and affection.


Nutmeg encourages prosperity and attraction.

Easy Spells To Practice

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With the right intention, you can cast any spell. However, rituals and magic spells work better during the full moon. Here are some magic spells you can try in your own home:

Easy Spells To Pass A Test

You need a yellow candle and incense stick for this spell. Start by lighting the incense, inhaling, and thinking positive thoughts.

Draw an image of the sun on a piece of paper. Light the candle while saying the following words. “I open my eyes to the power of the sun. I clearly see the glow of the flames. With your bright light and wisdom, I can overcome this test.”

Imagine the sunlight illuminating you and helping you pass the test. Then meditate and blow out the candle.

Easy Spells For Self-Love

For this spell, you need one pink candle, three white flowers, incense, and essential oil. Start by lighting the incense.

Then dress the candle in essential oil while saying the following words. “I clean and consecrate this candle,s o that it may serve as a sign of the covenant between me and the element fire.”

Light the candle, then grab one of the white flowers. Remove the petals one by one while saying the following words: “I am full of power. A powerful love that burns like fire.” Repeat this with all three flowers.

Next, write your full name on the piece of paper. Light the paper and place it in a cauldron, so it burns safely. Then wait until the candle burns out.

Take the ashes and remaining petals and bury them in the ground or a garden.

Easy Spells To Stop Procrastinating

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This is one of the simplest spells. For this spell, all you need is focus and positive energy. Sit down in a private area and think about the task you need to complete.

Then repeat the phrase, “I choose to study now”, or “I am ready to study.” Do not use the words need or have to because they will create negative thoughts. Make sure you keep the energy positive throughout the ritual if you want it to work.

Easy Spells To Ward Off Negative Energy

For this spell, you need a red apple, a bay leaf, and a knife. Start by placing the apple in front of you. Focus on it while thinking about banishing negativity. Then cut the apple in two halves. Place them on the table, facing up. Place the bay leaf on top of one of the halves and repeat the following words.

Red and green, banishing grace, cast all evil out of this place. Repeat this phrase three times in a loud voice. Have faith your wish will come true or the spell will not work. Then place the two halves of the apple together and bury it in fresh soil.

Easy Spells To Cleanse And Protect Yourself

For this spell, you need a white candle, rue, a bay leaf, and rosemary. Start by adding one teaspoon and dried herb into a pot of water. Boil the water for about twenty minutes.

Then take a regular shower or bath to get yourself clean. Light a candle and play relaxing music.

Filter the herbs and pour the water over yourself with a cup. Start at the top of your body, near your head, and work your way down. Then air-dry when you’re finished with the ritual instead of using a towel.

Easy Spells To Make Friends

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Grab a gold pen, write WANTED on top of a postcard, and underline it. Then write a description of the type of friends you want in your life. Use descriptive words like loyal, caring, and hilarious.

Stick the bay leaf to the postcard and roll up the postcard into a tube shape. Then tie a gold ribbon around it. Leave this on your windowsill in your bedroom for twenty-four hours. This will put your wish out into the universe.

Easy Spells To Help You Love Yourself

Arrange brightly colored flowers in a circle on the floor. Make sure they’re spread wide enough for you to sit in the center. Then place five white tealight candles in a smaller circle in the center. Place a mirror outside the circle, somewhere where you can see yourself.

Look in the mirror and admire your beauty. Say the following words: “I am beautiful, no matter what anyone says. I am filled with love for myself in every single way.” Repeat the phrase five times to complete the ritual.

Easy Spells To Get A New Job

Draw a pentagram in the center of a piece of paper with a gold pen. Then write the word JOB in the center. Write what kind of job you want. Include the hours you want to work and the pay you want to receive. Then tear apart some bay leaves and place them on the paper along with some dried sage.

Light a gold or a silver candle and say the following words. “Goddess Mórrígan, hear my plea. Send me a job to help my needs. Give me a job that I will love. I send this message to you above.” Once the candle has burnt out, take the paper to a window and blow the herbs into the air.

Easy Love Spells That Work

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Love spells cannot force someone to fall in love with you. However, they can create positive energy. They can encourage your heart to stay open to love and encourage your exes to be open to reconciliation. Here are some of the best free love spells you can cast on your crush, partner, or ex:

Attraction Spell

For this spell, you need laurel leaves and a dying fire. Focus on your love as you place the basket of leaves between your knees. Then throw the leaves onto the fire and watch them burst into flame.

Repeat these words during the ritual: “Laurel leaves are burning in the fire. Please send my wish to the universe and draw that special person to my life. ” When the flames die down, repeat the spell three more times.

Crush Spell

Another way to cast a love spell is by writing down your first name. Then the last name of your crush. If you want them to fall in love with you, draw a perfect circle around the names. If you only want a physical relationship, draw a square or a rectangle. Then cut out the shape and spritz it with your perfume. Either place the paper in your pocket or underneath your pillow at night.

Marriage Spell

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You can cast spells when you’re in a relationship, too. It will make sure your bond remains strong. All you need for this love spell is a red silk cord. Place it beneath your partner’s pillow. When they’re sleeping, remove it and tie seven knots. As long as the knots remain intact, your partner should remain loyal to you.

Ex-Lover Spell

Some spells don’t require any items at all. They only require intentions. If you want an ex to come back or make amends with you, visualize the person you love. Say their name aloud, then repeat the following incantation.

“Cry out to all Gods and Goddesses. My love is losing the spark. Now I pray and hope that person loves me more and deeply. I chant this thrice today. Please make my wish come true. ”

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