Why Each Zodiac Is Brave, Even If They Don't Feel Like It 

Why Each Zodiac Is Brave, Even If They Don’t Feel Like It 


You’re brave because you always put yourself out there (when it comes to relationships and your career), even though you could face rejection.


You’re brave because you’re always honest about how you feel, even though it puts you in a vulnerable position.


You’re brave because you constantly place yourself in unknown situations, even though they scare you.


You’re brave because you love with your whole heart, even though there’s a chance it could get broken.

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You’re brave because you take charge in every situation instead of acting as a follower.


You’re brave because you do pretty much everything on your own without stopping to doubt yourself.


You’re brave because you stick to your morals and do the right thing, even when others are trying to convince you otherwise.


You’re brave because you keep going, even when obstacles get in your way. You’re too persistent to give up.


You’re brave because you say no instead of allowing others to peer pressure you into doing what they want.


You’re brave because you say goodbye to people and situations that aren’t good for your soul. You aren’t afraid to cut ties.


You’re brave because you dream big and aren’t afraid to take risks. You know you deserve success and strive to reach it.


You’re brave because you aren’t afraid to ask for help when you’re struggling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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