Why Each Zodiac Sign Hates That They Miss You

Why Each Zodiac Sign Hates That They Miss You


Because there’s nothing worth missing. They’re building you up in their mind, but in reality, you weren’t all that great.


Because they doubt you feel the same. You’ve already moved on, just like they should have.


Because they know you aren’t coming back. They understand they have to move forward without you.


Because you don’t deserve to be part of their life. You lost your chance.

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Because you don’t deserve any more of their time. You’ve already wasted enough of it.


Because you’re not the same person now as the one they loved. That person doesn’t exist anymore.


Because you brought them more hardships than happiness. The bad times outweighed the good.


Because nothing can change the past. They can never make up for the horrible things they’ve done to you.


Because it’s hard to move on with you on their mind. They want to date other people and you’re making it hard.


Because they usually think with their head over their heart. And their head tells them you’re a bad idea.


Because they don’t like to live in the past. They want to live in the present.


Because they should be over you by now. You’re in their past and should stay there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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