Why Each Zodiac Never Takes A Day Off

Why Each Zodiac Never Takes A Day Off


You’re hellbent on success and are terrified you’re going to fall behind if you take a single day off.


You prefer routine — even if it means that you’re more stressed than you should be.


You feel like you don’t deserve to rest, like you haven’t earned it.


You don’t want to disappoint anyone who is counting on you.

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You have huge dreams and feel like you aren’t going to reach them if you slack.


When you have nothing to do, you think too much and cause yourself to spiral.


You live a lavish lifestyle and want to put as much money in the bank account as possible.


You feel guilty when you take even a single moment of rest because you’ve been conditioned to work hard.


You don’t want to be replaced. You’re worried when you’re gone, people will realize they don’t miss you.


You are used to working your hardest. The idea of resting never even occurs to you.


You don’t want to take off and be swamped with extra work when you return.


You were (wrongly) taught that taking days off counts as laziness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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