What Each Zodiac Sign Worries About Every Waking Moment

What Each Zodiac Sign Worries About Every Waking Moment


You’re worried you’re never going to succeed. You’re constantly thinking about your productivity levels and wondering whether you should be doing more to reach your goals.


You’re worried your life is going to change unexpectedly. You want things to stay exactly the same but can’t even enjoy the moment because you’re worried it’ll all be taken away from you.


You’re worried about how much money is in your bank account. You’re scared you’re going to end up struggling to take care of yourself and won’t know where to turn.


You’re constantly worried about your family members and the friends who are like family to you. You’re hoping they’re doing okay because you care more about their well-being than your own.

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You’re worried you’re going to end up a failure. You feel like you were exceptional as a child and are worried you’ll turn out to be a disappointingly average adult.


You constantly worry you’re going to get fired from your job. You’re concerned you aren’t doing enough to keep your boss happy and that you’re going to get blindsided by being let go.


You worry you’re never going to find the type of love you’ve spent your whole life dreaming about. You’re scared you’re the only one in your friend group who’s going to wind up alone.


You’re worried someone you love is going to betray or abandon you. You’re always on the lookout for signs that they’re getting tired of you and have had enough.


You’re worried about your appearance and body image. You’re obsessed with looking a certain way, and you’re never satisfied with what you see in the mirror.


You’re worried you’re going to disappoint the people who depend on you. You’re scared they’re going to see you’re not as strong as you pretend and it’s all an act.


You’re worried about whether you’re doing the right thing. You’re scared every time you make a decision because you don’t want to make the wrong one.


You’re worried about what other people think of you. You hope you aren’t saying the wrong thing or rubbing people the wrong way. You just want to fit in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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